MYDIGIPASS.COM™ from VASCO® is a cloud-based, Two-factor authentication service that provides a secure login to your web applications. 

The foundation of MYDIGIPASS.COM is to leverage highly-secure technology, then make it easy to use and cost effective to deploy and manage. 

Users can securely login by generating a one-time password (OTP) by scanning a Quick response (QR) code with their mobile devices, authenticating via the embedded DIGIPASS in Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) on their laptops, or by using one of the 100 million DIGIPASS hardware tokens in the field.

Secure One Time Passwords

OTPs are dynamic passwords that can only be used once and are valid for a limited time.  Once a secure login is successful, users easily and securely navigate the website and other secured online assets.  Experienced VASCO Professional Services personnel can assist in deployment and help speed user conversion.


MYDIGIPASS.COM is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model that contains four key functions:

  • Authentication or Secure Login
  • Operations, administration and management (OA&M)
  • Federation or Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • one-time password (OTP) generation client devices

With MYDIGIPASS.COM, Security brings ease of use!

MYDIGIPASS.COM offers a unique experience to securely and conveniently connect to websites or native apps on any smartphone or tablet. 
The MYDIGIPASS.COM mobile app authentication solution allows a user to securely log on from a mobile app or a website by simply clicking the ‘MYDIGIPASS.COM Secure Connect’ button. The MYDIGIPASS.COM app will open and request the user’s PIN code. Upon validation the user is automatically redirected to his mobile app or browser. The authentication process is seamlessly integrated into the app, invisible for the end user. In case the mobile device is stolen or lost, the user can be ensured that no one else can access his applications secured by MYDIGIPASS.COM.

Proven technology

MYDIGIPASS button - secure login

MYDIGIPASS button - secure login

The authentication engine that provides the secure login is based on the field-proven VACMAN Controller that is installed in over ten thousand banks (including all of the 20 largest banks) and enterprises worldwide. 

VACMAN Controller is the authentication engine that verifies all secure login requests from any DIGIPASS-enabled authorized users.

The OA&M function is also the field-proven, cloud-based solution called DIGIPASS as a Service that provides secure control and connectivity between the website (and other online assets) and the VACMAN Controller authentication engine that is integrated in the cloud.

Secure Single Sign-on

To enable single sign-on (SSO) or federation, MYDIGIPASS.COM is the wrapper that provides client access for all authorized users.  Federation is what enables a single user to securely access multiple applications with a single authentication request.  Users gain access to the website and their online assets via the MYDIGIPASS.COM HTML button integrated directly on the website and/or through the MYDIGIPASS.COM Launchpad.  Use of the Launchpad is optional since it is built-in by default as part of the overall MYDIGIPASS.COM solution.

With MYDIGIPASS.COM, there are different options for client OTP generation:

  • DIGIPASS Embedded System Solution (DESS) such as Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) where the OTP is generated directly from the secure chipset on the PC
  • MYDIGIPASS.COM mobile device software application with human-readable OTP and QR scanner
  • DIGIPASS hardware Token – For business owners


MYDIGIPASS.COM is VASCO’s cloud based strong authentication service. It offers application- and business owners:

  • Banking-level security
  • Easy deployment
  • Cost-effective authentication

Visit for more business benefits – For consumers

MYDIGIPASS.COM is the ultimate password app, offering consumers secure and easy access to all their favorite web applications – For developers


MYDIGIPASS.COM provides developers with all the tools they need to successfully integrate VASCO's cloud based strong authentication service within their own web applications


MYDIGIPASS.COM is available for every website owner that offers password protected content or services online.
Join MYDIGIPASS.COM today and become part of the DIGIPASS community with 120 million DIGIPASS sold and shipped worldwide.

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