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Reasons to Join VASCO Data Security

World Leader

  • VASCO is a world leader in the cyber security space, continuously investigating and developing new technologies. 

  • VASCO’s suite of solutions and in-depth industry knowledge and experience helps us deliver trust in the digital world and offer innovative and complete security solutions in response to market demands. 

  • The work we do challenges our people to develop new solutions that will help shape the future of the IT security industry.


Lens Flare Office

Human Capital

  • At VASCO, our employees work with diverse and talented teams and individuals who strive for excellence while offering outstanding customer service to our customers. 

  • Our mission is to attract and retain top professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and support them to successfully integrate into VASCO’s culture. 

  • With our campus recruitment program, we offer young talents a wide range of job opportunities from internships to full time employments. 

  • New employees get up to speed quickly thanks to our onboarding training program, which new hires participate in during their first few months with VASCO.

Career Development

  • We want our employees to constantly develop and grow in their careers in order to be at the cutting-edge of the security industry best practices.

  • We continually motivate our employees to improve their skills, knowledge and performance through in-house and on-the-job training, coaching and external training, to help with their career progression and employability.

  • We value entrepreneurship and commitment by offering real career possibilities, which can lead to working with or moving into different divisions of the company.

International Environment

  • More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on VASCO to secure high value assets and systems.

  • To achieve this, we have more than 20 offices globally, allowing employees to collaborate across regions and cultures as they assist our customers around the world.


  • People are the key to VASCO’s success. We empower and motivate our employees to own their careers and seek to achieve their full potential.

  • We also believe that great performance should be rewarded. That is why we strive to create attractive compensation or incentive programs for our employees that reflect the value of their skills, contributions and knowledge of the various countries in which VASCO is located.


Entrepreneurial Culture


  • We are constantly looking to develop new solutions. It is in our DNA to look at the future and anticipate what our customer’s needs while improving their experience by leveraging technological innovations.

  • Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit, we are continually evolving and looking for new ways of working by engaging all our colleagues in VASCO’s digital transformation.

  • New collaborative and office automation solutions implemented as part of the “Digital Agenda 2020” program allow us to work through open and real-time communication. Thus promoting research, breakthrough thinking and creating digital trust.



  • We believe in team spirit and collegiality, as it is crucial in achieving our common goals. A pleasant working environment brings out the best in people! VASCO’s informal methods of internal communication and our open door policies are supported at all levels within the company.


  • With markets as disruptive and fast paced as ever it is fundamental to adapt and react quickly to change. Flexibility, agility and speed are essential elements needed in order for us to stay competitive, address customers’ needs and solve issues promptly.

Integrity & Commitment

  • At VASCO, we are constantly working to complying with regulations that affect our market. We strive to satisfy our client’s needs by always preserving our ethical code both internally and externally.

  • Integrity is crucial for the sustainability of our business. We commit to treat our customers, partners and colleagues equally, by nurturing relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


  • We deliver on our commitments which come from the constant satisfaction of our customers and the pride we have in our profession.

  • We believe in being accountable for our action! We take the responsibility to commit only on what we can deliver, communicating our decisions and opinions transparently, both internally and externally.

  • Our people proactively identify challenges while proposing comprehensive solutions that help our clients achieve success.




  • At VASCO we take pride in the high quality of our service and products which ensure customer satisfaction, profitability and the future of our employees’ growth.

  • Our employees are key to constant quality improvement. This is achieved through training our people on how to build solid foundations. While at the same time realistically and meticulously planning their goals.

  • Taking the time to mentor is also a crucial to VASCO and our employees. The company supports our people in identifying and acknowledging their weaknesses, measuring and analyzing gaps to improve. This allows our employees to overcome challenges, improve processes and accuracy while developing further in their career with VASCO.

Meet our people


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