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KB_160131: DIGIPASS for Mobile – Android package name change


This paper outlines the process for modifying the package name of the DIGIPASS for Mobile .apk file generated with the customize utilities or using the commandline build process.

KB_160130: Modifications to the logon form in the DIGIPASS Authentication for Microsoft ADFS

How to

This paper outlines the process for customizing the ADFS logon form that is installed with the DIGIPASS Authentication for Microsoft ADFS product.

KB_160129: TCL script used with IDENTIKEY Authentication Server command line to force a PIN change on select users

How to

CL Command-Line Administration allows interactive command-line and scripted administration of DIGIPASS related data. It has a number of possible uses: • Interactive command-line administration • Scripted administration • Complex bulk administration tasks • Reporting on the data in the data store DPADMINCMD is a command-line program that can be used interactively...

KB_160128: How to import a DPX file using the VASCO Active Directory MMC snap-in console

How to

There are three possible types of DPX files that you might receive with an order – they are STATIC, NOSTATIC, and AUTOREGISTER. Server-side PIN support is only possible for tokens that have been imported using the STATIC or AUTOREGISTER DPX files. If you need to enable PIN functionality and there is no option to do so inside the Web Admin, you can try re-importing...

KB_160127: How to perform the Task-Based Data Migration step before/after upgrading the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server

How to

Upgrading IDENTIKEY Authentication Server will most likely involve a database schema update. Therefore, as soon as the server has been upgraded, server data from the previous installation such as DIGIPASS and user data needs to be migrated to match the new schema. Starting with IAS 3.10, this task has been moved from the Installation/Upgrade Wizard over to the...

KB_160126: How to disable User Lock Threshold inside IDENTIKEY Web Administration

How to

If the self-unlock feature is not implemented, an administrative intervention is necessary to unlock the user. If there is too much administrative overhead when dealing with users that frequently tend to lock themselves out, this feature can be disabled.

KB_140182: Restoring a custom logo after installing DIGIPASS Authentication for Microsoft ADFS.

How to

When you install the DIGIPASS Authentication for Microsoft ADFS, the custom logo of the login page is overwritten by the VASCO logo. This article explains how to restore your custom logo on the ADFS logon page.

KB_150186: How to Configure SOAP without SSL in IDENTIKEY Authentication Server.

How to

While creating a SOAP application it may be handy to use SOAP without SSL during the development phase. If you disable SSL on the SOAP port, you also need to modify the webadmin (and eventually the customer websites)

KB_150185: How To Configure Microsoft AD Back-end authentication with SSL on IDENTIKEY Appliance.

How to

This article will explain in more detail the required steps to enable Microsoft AD (LDAP) back-end authentication using SSL on IDENTIKEY Appliance.

KB_150184: Challenge/Response SOAP Authentication with a challenge that is not generated by the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server.

How to

This KB explains how to make a Challenge Response (C/R) SOAP call working when the Challenge is not generated by the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS).