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KB_140170: Upgrade procedure from IDENTIKEY Authentication Server 3.X AD integrated to IDENTIKEY Authentication Server 3.10R2 AD integrated on a new server.

How to

This article explains how to unwrap/decrypt a software-level transport key that is wrapped by a Key Encryption Key (KEK).

KB_190027: Signature Validation fails with error: ‘Failed to find the cached Signing Request this Request Key’, when using Secure Channel.


Signature validation using Secure Channel or CONTO fails on IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) or IDENTIKEY Appliance (IA).

KB_160111: How to create the tnsnames.ora file for use of IDENTIKEY Authentication Server on Linux with Oracle Database Client 12c.

How to

When setting up IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) on Linux to work with an Oracle database, one must ensure that the tnsnames.ora file is created and is filled out correctly.

KB_140169: IAS Web Administration installation fails when Computer Name or domain starts with a number.

How to

IAS Web Administration installation fails when Computer Name or domain starts with a number.

KB_150097: How To use a separate database for the AUDIT data (and reporting) on IDENTIKEY Authentication Server.

How to

As of IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) 3.4, auditing and reporting is done to/from a database. By default the same database is used for normal IAS data (when using ODBC) and for audit data. As audit data can grow fast when there is lots of activity on the IAS you may consider to move the audit data to a separate Database that has more room to grow.

KB_190029: How To update DIGIPASS for Mobile to a new version.

How to

This guide explains you step-by-step how to update your version of DIGIPASS for Mobile (DP4Mobile).

KB_170041: Disk usage monitoring with SNMP traps on IDENTIKEY Appliance.

How to

This KB explains on how to monitor the partition disk usage on your IDENTIKEY Appliance using an SNMP trap.

KB_140165: Configure AD groups for IDENTIKEY Authentication Appliance group check with TCL

How to

It’s possible to use TCL on IDENTIKEY Appliance to configure the groups that need to be defined in the group check.

KB_180032: VASCO Key Manager does not detect card in Thales HSM.

How to

When performing operations that require an operator/administrator card using the VASCO Key Manager, you get an error like: No card in module x slot y: couldn't read FIPS auth. Card must be Administrator or Operator card. Keywords: Thales, ACS, OCS, nkfmcheck, manager.

KB_140082: How To open the Remote Support Connection on IDENTIKEY Appliance.

How to

If necessary, VASCO experts can access your IDENTIKEY Appliance remotely. Remote support requires a connection between the VASCO Service Center and your IDENTIKEY Appliance. To be able to connect to the Service Center you need a valid Contract ID and Serial number.