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Leading Saudi bank Riyad Bank takes a cutting edge role by banking on VASCO’s DIGIPASS technology.

Riyad Bank

With Riyad Online, Riyad Bank offers online banking services to its customers presenting them an unrivalled convenience and accessibility for their banking needs. To secure all financial and critical transactions online, Riyad Bank wanted to implement the best-of-breed authentication solutions and deployed VASCO’s DIGIPASS GO 3 and the PIN-protected DIGIPASS 300 and 260. Riyad Bank is in fact the very first bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deploy authentication devices to both its corporate and retail customer base.


Riyad Bank

Provide a secure authentication solution for Riyad Bank’s online banking services for corporate and retail customers.


The security solution must provide a high level of security to protect financial and critical transactions, offer a great flexibility and at the same time remain user friendly.


DIGIPASS provides both corporate and retail customers with a flexible solution to access their online banking accounts at their own convenience 24/7.

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