Customer Case Studies

Specialist in waste management SITA secures remote access with VASCO’s DIGIPASS GO 3 - IDENTIKEY combination and Citrix.


SITA Netherlands/ Flanders – part of SITA International and the SUEZ group – is a waste management company that actively reduces waste by sorting, optimizing waste processing and recycling. By enabling its employees to work from home or abroad, traveling between the different remote offices decreased helping the company to actively reduce its ecological footprint.

To avoid data breeches, SITA implemented DIGIPASS GO 3 and IDENTIKEY into its Citrix Metaframe to offer secure remote access to the corporate network. DIGIPASS by VASCO provided desired continuity at the lowest cost.


As SITA is an international company, executive management and commercial staff travel frequently. SITA needed to thoroughly secure remote employee access to its network to avoid data breaches.


SITA needed a user-friendly solution offering high security. The existing security infrastructure needed to migrate to a remote access solution that worked on the Windows mainframe.


VASCO’s DIGIPASS GO 3 in combination with Citrix proved to be the security solution SITA was looking for. Migration of the existing IT-infrastructure went smoothly guaranteeing secure remote access for authorized users only.

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