Other VASCO Websites

Here you may find other VASCO websites that contain further resources for you and your customers.

Corporate Websites

vic.vasco.com – For customers

VIC, “Very Important Customer


VIC stands for VASCO's Very Important Customer community.
Join the VIC community and benefit from:

  • Regular information updates
  • A listening ear for all your business challenges and security concerns
  • Easy access to all relevant VASCO customer resources

mydigipass.vasco.com – For business owners


MYDIGIPASS.COM is VACO’s cloud based strong authentication service. It offers application- and business owners:

  • Banking-level security
  • Easy deployment
  • Cost-effective authentication

Visit MYDIGIPASS.vasco.com for more business benefits

mydigipass.com – For consumers


MYDIGIPASS.COM is the ultimate password app, offering consumers secure and easy access to all their favorite web applications


developer.mydigipass.com – For developers



MYDIGIPASS.COM provides developers with all the tools they need to successfully integrate VASCO's cloud based strong authentication service within their own web applications

VASCO Online Shop (VOS)

VASCO Online Shop


VASCO Online Shop (VOS)

This Online Shop is aimed to serve consumers in Belgium. The shop is available in English, Dutch and French.

VASCO Partners Portal

VASCO Partner Portal


VASCO Partners Portal.

Partners may find here information and tools to Market, Sell and Support VASCO products and solutions.

The German Website

German Website


The German Website

A short version of our corporate website, in German, targeted to our German speaking customers.

The Japanese Website

Japanese Corporate Website


The Japanese Website

A short version of our corporate website, in Japanese, targeted to our Japanese speaking customers.

Demo Websites




On VASCO Labs customers, partners, distributors and resellers can find information and demo materials on:

  • VASCO platforms: web samples for VACMAN Controller, VASCO’s authentication platform and demos for IDENTIKEY Server and aXsGUARD authentication appliances
  • PKI: demos for web and LAN authentication based on VASCO’s DIGIPASS CertiID, our client software for PKI-based authentication
  • Web: samples of authentication for web-based applications including Citrix, Novell, webmail, SaaS-applications
  • Remote access: demos of the integration of VASCO authentication with SSL VPN solutions to secure remote access including Cisco, Check Point, AEP Netilla, SonicWall
  • LAN & single sign-on: showcasing how authentication can be used inside a LAN environment, including partner solutions such as Imprivata.

Test the DIGIPASS Device

DIGIPASS Demo Website


General DEMO Website that demonstrates how the DIGIPASS 300 device works in particular, and how the PIN-Protected DIGIPASS Devices work in general.

DIGIPASS for Web Demo Website

DIGIPASS for Web Demo Website


Virtual Environment where the user can test VASCO DIGIPASS for Web. It can be demonstrated here Strong Authentication, Transaction Signing and Document Signing installed on PC without software installation done by the user.

DIGIPASS for Mobile Demo Website

DIGIPASS for Mobile Demo Website


Virtual Environment where the user can test VASCO DIGIPASS for Mobile. The user can require on this website a DIGIPASS for Mobile Software.


DIGIPASS Design Studio

DIGIPASS Design Studio


Web Application that can help users to customize their future DIGIPASS Devices.

Please note that this application doesn't contain all our devices, and that not all possible customizations are available through this software.


DIGIPASS for eID Website


Website targeted to serve the information needs of eID users. It contains data about VASCO Card Readers Solution and how can these be leveraged for Education, Government and Healthcare.

SEAL Platform



Security Experts Academy & eLearning (SEAL) platform

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