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KB_140178: LDAP Backend authentication in IDENTIKEY Authentication Server with multiple subdomains when using the Global Catalog

How to

When you have multiple subdomains for backend authentication, you can use the global catalog option in IDENTIKEY Authentication Server(IAS) (When you have more than 2 subdomains, you must use the Global Catalog option. See KB article KB 140177 for details). Important to know is that the ldap bind user must be the same on the top level domain and all subdomains,...

KB_140177: How to configure LDAP Backend authentication with multiple subdomains in IDENTIKEY Authentication Server.


When you have more than 2 sub domains in Active Directory(AD) but only define the top level domain (for backend authentication) in IDENTIKEY Authentication Server(IAS), you get the error message "user not found" for the authentication.

KB_140176: SNMP version information not updated after IDENTIKEY Appliance upgrade


When you are monitoring the IDENTIKEY Appliance with SNMP, the system description field isn’t updated after an upgrade from version onwards. For example. When you do an upgrade from to, the IDENTIKEY Appliance version that is acquired through SNMP remains

KB_140175: Custom reports not working in IDENTIKEY authentication Server 3.11 R2


When running custom reports on IDENTIKEY Authentication Server 3.11 R2 you get the following error message: Error Code: ’(17)’ ; Message: ‘class vasco::IndexOutOfBoundsException: Error -1 in function “Iterator::operator* (Element does not exist)”: An unspecified error occurred’

KB_140174: Multi Device License (MDL) registration failed with User Self-Management Website

How to

When you are doing Offline Activation using CRONTO Technology through the User Self-Management Website you get the following error: MDL Registration Failed / Returncode: -1 / Status Code: -19

KB_180033: Unable to configure IDENTIKEY Authentication Server with Thales nShield HSM: ServerNotRunning

How to

When configuring IDENTIKEY Authentication Server with Thales nShield HSM and using version 11.70 of the Thales client software, the IDENTIKEY configuration wizard fails with NCIPHER API ERROR: <56> : <ServerNotRunning>.

KB_180035: How to unwrap a software level transport key that is wrapped by a KEK

How to

This article explains how to unwrap/decrypt a software-level transport key that is wrapped by a Key Encryption Key (KEK). Keywords: DPX, DPX-Key, KEK, HSM

KB_180034: Unable to initialize secure storage after upgrading DIGIPASS for Apps/Mobile on iOS


After upgrading to DIGIPASS for Apps or DIGIPASS for Mobile version >= 4.10 (from a version <= 4.9.x) on iOS, it is not possible open the secure storage: A secureStorageSDKException is thrown with error code -4305 when calling SecureStorageSDK.initWithFileName:useFingerPrint:andIterationNumber.

KB_170043: QR code not delivered by email when using “Send Activation Data” on IDENTIKEY Appliance 3.11.12.x


When using the email function of the Message Delivery Component (MDC) to send Activation Data of a DIGIPASS for Mobile, the email with the activation code is sent, but the QR code is not attached.

KB 140172: Unable to create a DIGIPASS User Account when a user performed a login in the past.


With IDENTIKEY Authentication Server 3.10 with AD data store it’s impossible to create a DIGIPASS User Account when a user has performed a (failed) login in the past. The error “Failed to execute create” is returned.