VASCO's Product Portfolio

Businesses and government agencies, worldwide, count on VASCO's award winning and compliance-ready products for secure access, identity management, transaction verification, asset protection and document signing based on a record of leading innovation and unparalleled user experience.


DIGIPASS Authenticators

Our easy-to-use and secure one-time password technology establishes a user’s identity with two-factor authentication or strong authentication. Access to an electronic banking system or other application is granted only to properly authenticated users

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Management Platforms

The IDENTIKEY Product Family provides affordable two-factor strong authentication services that enable enterprises to secure their applications and networks from unauthorized access.

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Mobile App Security

Our developer tools enable you to better understand today’s mobile application ecosystem as well as its risks and challenges to help guide you on your way to an application security strategy that increases protection, reduces risk, and improves user experience so you can meet the growing demands of the new mobile economy.

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