Certified Sales Track

As a VASCO Sales Expert you will learn how to build security awareness with clients and how to outline the ways to preemptively thwart cyber attacks. Sales Expert Certification is FREE and available through classroom, e-learning and webinar. Certification is valid for one year.


VASCO Certified Sales

Begin the Expert Sales Certification track with this pre-requisite Certified Sales course.

VASCO Sales Expert

After completing the Certified Sales course, register for our Sales Expert curriculum. 


Certified Engineer Track

As a VASCO Certified Engineer, you'll learn how to design and deploy VASCO security solutions. Effectively protect clients against the latest digital security threats with our state-of-the-art technology. Certification is valid for two years.

Level 1: Ambassador

Get to know the insides of strong authentication, and become a DIGIPASS Ambassador. Beginning with an overview of cyber security, this course is the entry point of the technical track.

Level 2: Certified Admin

The Certified Admin curriculum is the next step toward Engineer Certification. In the VASCO Certified Admin course, you will learn the most important product concepts, including how to administer VASCO products.

Level 3: Certified Engineer

Deploy security solutions across a myriad of industries with the full gamut of security tools. Learn how to install, configure, and integrate VASCO security products into any network, any where in the world.

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