Two-Factor Authentication

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2 factor authentication or 2FA) is the authentication process where two of the three possible factors of authentication are combined. 

The possible factors of authentication are: 

  1. something the user knows 
  2. something the user has 
  3. something the user is 

In internet security, the most used factors of authentication are: something the user has (e.g. a bank card) and something the user knows (e.g. a PIN code). This is two-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is when a user uses 2 or more factors. 

Two-Factor Authenticators

VASCO’s two-factor authentication uses one-time password technology to secure user login and ensure only authenticated users gain access. VASCO offers a complete range of authentication solutions, including: 

Two-factor authentication is sometimes referred to as "strong authentication", "2-Step verification" or "2FA".

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