IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance

IDENTIKEY Virtual Applianceは、社内ネットワークおよびウェブベースアプリケーションへのリモートアクセスのセキュリティを確保するための仮想化認証アプライアンスです。IDENTIKEY Virtual Applianceは、仮想化戦略の策定を済ませ、セキュリティインフラストラクチャーの仮想環境への移行を検討している組織に絶好の選択肢です。

Plug and play solution

IDENTIKEY Appliance is a plug-and-play appliance preloaded with all necessary software features. This plug-and-play functionality simplifies the deployment of Two-factor authentication across an entire company, which is essential when IT resources are expended.

Scalable, easy to deploy solution

IDENTIKEY Appliance can be deployed in less than 30 minutes, making two-factor authentication rollout quick and easy—even in smaller offices with limited IT resources. A flexible licensing system allows for easy expansion of users and DIGIPASS, making IDENTIKEY Appliance the preferred choice for growing organizations.

Simple web-based user interface

All administration functions are conveniently accessible through a web-based user interface, making remote or outsourced administration possible and presenting new opportunities for managed services providers. Initial installation requires a simple connection to the IDENTIKEY Appliance appliance through a web browser interface.

Detailed reporting and auditing

The audit console monitors and records all incoming and outgoing RADIUS and web authentication requests on the IDENTIKEY Appliance. Statistics collected and reported by the audit console give administrators the information necessary to manage their remote access environment. Standard or customized reports can be generated in XML format.

Convenience platform:

  • Complete Authentication server pre-installed o Plug &Play solution

Managed Authentication server:

  • Integrates latest IDENTIKEY Authentication server

  • (Semi-) automated upgrades 

  • Programmable backup functions 

  • Logging, Auditing, Reporting 

  • Appliance:

    • Virtual Appliance

    • Available for VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft virtual environments

    • Hardened OS 

    • Built-in database & Webserver 

    • Separate administration interface (GUI)

    • Additional SNMP functionality (hardware monitoring)

IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance 1000 Series 

  • Recommended for up to 100 users (**) 
  • Requires 1 CPU Core and 1 GB RAM 


IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance 2000 Series

  • Recommended up to 5000 users (**)
  • Requires 2 CPU Core and 2 GB RAM 


IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance 4000 Series

  • Recommended up to 50.000 users (**)
  • Requires 4 CPU Core and 4 GB RAM

IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance 8000 Series

  • Recommended up to 200.000 users (**) 
  • Requires 8 CPU Core and 8 GB RAM  


(*) Models are decided by license, allowing flexible upgrades 

(**) depending on usage and type of authentication. This recommendation is a guideline only.



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