mBanking & eBanking Risk Management

Mobile (mBanking) and online (eBanking) services offer both great opportunity and, unfortunately, sizable risk for banks. Hackers are taking advantage of the growing attack surface, the speed of new application development is creating gaps in security and digital security regulations are painful for banks that deploy inadequate fraud solutions. Supporting these channels requires a dynamic, comprehensive and intelligent platform that accurately detects and prevents fraud. A sophisticated fraud management solution that provides insights into real-time user behaviors and transactions across all key channels should be a critical component of any bank’s fraud mitigation strategy. At the same time, this solution should be completely invisible to end users maintaining a truly “frictionless” experience.

With IDENTIKEY Risk Manager for eBanking and IDENTIKEY Risk Manager for mBanking, VASCO offers two bespoke packages enabling banks to dramatically increase existing mobile and/or online banking fraud mitigation performance with the least amount of integration cost, time and disruption.

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager delivers strong and dynamic protection against fraudulent activities through sophisticated, real-time risk analysis - Identifying risk at critical steps, predicting risk levels, and taking immediate action when fraud patterns are identified.

The multi-channel risk analysis capabilities of IDENTIKEY Risk Manager accurately detect fraud across any application or channel, enabling quick response to evolving fraud patterns. IDENTIKEY Risk Manager can also efficiently analyze channels like ATM transactions inside and outside the network and credit/debit card operations.

Banks can leverage the enhanced risk detection capabilities of IDENTIKEY Risk Manager even further through integration with our DIGIPASS for Apps product. This powerful combination ensures that bank applications will be protected from reverse engineering, malicious code injection and benefit from enhanced data protection via end-to-end secure channel encryption and an in-app integrity check.

Business Benefits:

  • Seamlessly boosts current fraud platform performance

  • Leading risk intelligence and customization provides a more holistic solution

  • Integrated server-side protection and multi-channel analysis address all common applications

  • Improves the ability to meet strict compliance requirements

  • AI technology automates fraud processes, reduces manual intervention and related costs

Online Banking Solution - Features & Benefits

  • Account Takeover Prevention

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager prevents account takeover with real-time advanced analysis of hundreds of disparate data points. IDENTIKEY Risk Manager provides broad and integrated authentication options that enable “step up” security through additional user authentication methods based on the level of risk.

  • Fraud Prevention

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager uses advanced decision analytics and expert driven machine learning to efficiently analyze high volume transactions and accurately detect fraud.
When potential fraud is detected, real-time alerts are sent to fraud managers who review and ultimately accept or challenge the transaction. Step up or out of band authentication can be initiated as needed. Additionally, devices, users and payment recipients can easily be “whitelisted” or “blacklisted” based on results of the fraud analysis.

  • Payment Recipient Management

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager monitors the creation and updating process of payment recipients at all times and enables you to respond with different predefined actions to best fit your bank’s policy./p>

  • User Profile Management

Changing any of the user attributes such as address, email, phone number is a critical operation as fraudsters can take advantage of this to redirect funds, goods, or authentication information and impersonate a legitimate user.
IDENTIKEY Risk Manager protects against such scenarios through analysis of all user profile changes.

  • Session Monitoring

Interactions between the end-user, his/her device and the application are regularly analyzed, resulting in highly accurate modeling of device and customer behavior.
Fraud monitoring and prevention in this case is a continuous function that ensures a reliable channel to operate with legitimate users.

  • Detection of Phishing & Trojan Attacks

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager leverages server-side analytics, behavioral analysis and review of external patterns to detect and prevent phishing attacks.

Mobile Banking Solutions - Features & Benefits

  • Device Registration

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager for mobile banking incorporates a predefined set of rules and scenarios that accurately establish the level of trust for each device. Performance against preset rules can increase or decrease the level of trust resulting in automatic blacklisting of a device in the event that fraud is detected. Data points used to determine trust can include the presence of a hooking framework, jailbreak or rooted device, repackaged application (sign of reverse engineering attack), untrusted touch/keyboards subsystems and geolocation.

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager for mobile banking combines customer and device contextual patterns with server side analytics and sophisticated AI to achieve continuous and accurate fraud detection.



IDENTIKEY Risk Manager

VASCOのリスク管理ソリューショ ン“IDENTIKEY Risk Manager”(IRM)は、お客様の組織が抱える複数のチャネルに渡って不正を検知する手法やスピードを 改善し、不正対策の予防措置を可能にするのと同時に、ユーザーが感じる煩わしさを最小限に抑える、包括的不正対策ソリュ ーションです。

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