CRONTO Visual Transaction Signing

The online banking environment is hostile, as sophisticated threats and fraud schemes continue to target online banking transactions. This represents a massive challenge for banks and their users. And even as risk continues to rise, users increasingly demand easier and more convenient ways to access their banking applications. 

VASCO CRONTO® solutions are designed to elevate trust in online banking transactions, combating sophisticated threats while at the same time, delivering a frictionless experience for users.

CrontoSign compilation - 265x220

CRONTO is an innovative patented visual transaction signing solution that enables banks and other financial institutions to effectively counter increasingly sophisticated "Trojan" and "Man in the Browser" attacks. CRONTO delivers the most optimal combination of usability, security and cost of ownership by allowing users to verify and sign transactions anytime, anywhere.

What Is CRONTO Technology?

CRONTO utilizes a unique visual challenge contained in a graphical cryptogram consisting of a matrix of colored dots displayed on the customer's PC screen. The customer uses the camera in his mobile phone or a dedicated hardware device to capture this cryptogram by photographing the screen, instantly decoding, decrypting and displaying transaction details for user verification. If the image has not been tampered with, the customer is then presented with critical transaction information, like payment details, decoded securely from the visual cryptogram image.

Business Benefits

  • Combat online and mobile banking threats:
    Strengthens protection against Phishing attacks, as well as banking Trojans like Man in the Middle (MitM) and Man in the Browser (MitB). 

  • Secure high value transactions:
    Can be used as an additional layer of protection, delivering secure, out-of-band (OOB) validation for pending transactions (push notifications). 

  • Mitigate fraud:
    Can strengthen fraud detection and prevention for high-risk online and mobile transactions.

  • Improve user experience:
    Brings both safety and simplicity to your online and mobile banking users.

How does it work

Log in with Push Notification on mobile

Out of Band Transaction Signing with Push Notification

Scan & Sign Transactions – Hardware with PIN (DIGIPASS 780)

Out of Band Transaction Signing




DIGIPASS 780は、オンラインバンキングサービスを巧妙なサイバー脅威から守る、特許を取得したビジュア ル式トランザクション署名ソリューションです。DIGIPASS 780には、特許を取得したCrontoSignとPINコード による保護機能が備わっており、優れた利便性を提供しながら極めて強力なセキュリティを実現します。



DIGIPASS 770は、オンラインバンキングサービスを巧妙なサイバー脅威から守る、特許を取得したビジュアル式トラン ザクション署名ソリューションです。特許を取得したCrontoSignテクノロジーとDIGIPASS 770を利用することで、銀行は 高度でセキュアなトランザクション署名ソリューションを活用し、非常に高いユーザビリティを備えた次世代型の認証方 式の実装及び移行を効果的に実現することができます。



DIGIPASS 760は、オンラインバンキングサービス向けの、特許を取得したビジュアル式トランザクション署名ソリュー ションです。この画期的なテクノロジーは、シンプルで使いやすく、トロイの木馬型マルウェアによる高度な攻撃でさえ も、効果的に防ぐことができます。


Would you like to know more about our CRONTO solutions?

Our experts can help you in creating a user convenient and highly secure manner to login and authenticate your transactions. 


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