Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a Constantly Shifting Landscape Within the Financial Services Industry

As the techniques of online fraud continually evolve, banks have realized that fraud is not a problem that can easily be contained; it’s an ongoing threat that requires strong and effective preventative measures. Cyber criminals are relentlessly inventing and reinventing tools to conduct sophisticated real-time attacks, such as man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, and variations of Phishing that include Spear Phishing (aka Business Email Compromise) and Voice Phishing.



These kinds of attacks are becoming more frequent in the online banking arena, undermining consumer confidence in a brand, putting customers at great risk of identity theft and costing the financial industry billions of dollars each year. 

As attacks, particularly variations of phishing and other social engineering techniques, continue to escalate, financial institutions find themselves constantly battling to find better ways to mitigate the fraud and related damages. 

These attacks may include:

  • Misdirection, by a hacker, to a fake website. It may be difficult for the user to tell the difference between their real banking website and a fraudulent one. When a user receives a message or instructions from what looks like their bank, they often don’t question the authenticity of the message, leaving them vulnerable to social engineering schemes.
  • Taking control over authorization decisions. In most transaction processes, it’s the user, not the bank who controls the authorization decision. However, a hacker, using social engineering schemes like phishing, can convince the user to generate a signature and authorize a fraudulent transaction without the bank’s involvement.

Amidst these challenges, however, banking customers are demanding a simple and secure banking experience across all channels. Inconvenient authentication and transaction approval measures force customers to consider more user-friendly bank applications.



Our Online Fraud Detection (OFD) solution, IDENTIKEY Risk Manager, as well as our patented CRONTO Visual Transaction technology, address both fraud security and user convenience.  This is accomplished via an integrated and flexible security framework that provides organizations a single-platform that proactively detects and mitigates the most sophisticated cyber fraud techniques while maintaining a frictionless, user-friendly experience.

Solution Benefits:

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager - Powerful, Real-Time Risk Analysis Engine
  • Monitor, detect and block fraudulent transactions
  • Improve response to evolving fraud patterns
  • Improve risk compliance strategies and fine-tune policies 
CRONTO - Patented Color QR Code Authentication
  • Establishes a secure communication channel between the user and the bank that enables message authenticity 
  • Shifts transaction authorization control from the user to the trusted device and the bank
  • Provides a complete and accurate picture of the transaction to the user for review and authorization including all transaction data, the device used, the transaction amount, and the recipient account details

DIGIPASS GO 215 - Bluetooth Enabled Hardware Strengthens Security of Mobile-Accessible Applications
  • Provides "Press and go" two-factor and authentication
  • Delivers e-signing capabilities across a broad range of mobile platforms
  • Fortifies online security for high value applications and high-risk environments


Scan & Sign Transaction Demo




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