Behavioral Biometrics: Improve Security and the Customer Experience

White Paper about risk-based online authentication

Now, in the “mobile age,” customers expect that their bank provides secure and easy access to the full suite of banking services via their mobile device. The availability of transparent, risk-based online authentication tools, such as behavioral biometrics, comes at a critical time.

By Downloading This White Paper, You’ll Discover:

  • The challenges of authenticating a mobile customer
  • How behavioral biometrics, aka behaviometrics, work
  • How to establish a risk-based approach to online security
  • How behavioral biometrics helps financial institutions manage fraud risk, improve the user experience, increase customer loyalty, satisfy regulatory requirements, and deliver a frictionless, cross-channel user experience

"Behavioral biometrics scores user activity and enables financial institutions to
take action when scores indicate
suspicious activity."

Shirley Inscoe, Senior Analyst with Aite Group