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Some European countries have replaced the classic “paper” identity card with an electronic identity card.  Besides the regular printed data, the card contains a chip that enables citizens to identify themselves in online applications.


Thanks to the integration of the electronic identity card as a client device to VASCO’s authentication software, it is possible to easily secure several target groups with just one application.

With the electronic identity card, citizens always have the correct identity details at hand. By connecting a VASCO card reader to a PC, there is no need to (re-)type details into a database. Identity details are read from the chip and are directly linked to the database. Registrations become easy.

Furthermore, an electronic identity card has two major functions:

  • Authentication: a way to ensure that a user is who he claims to be. eID allows you to (remotely) identify yourself. It provides access to all kinds of applications in your company, organization or municipality.
  • Digital signing: thanks to the certificates on your eID, you can sign electronic documents. This digital signature has the same legal value as a manual signature.

With the integration of the electronic identity card into the VACMAN API software, it is possible to safely use the electronic identity card, owned by every citizen, on VASCO’s aXsGUARD and GATEKEEPER products.

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