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Application Security Tools

When it comes to mobile applications, you have to adapt fast. With our developer tools VASCO will help you better understand today’s mobile application ecosystem as well as its risks and challenges, and guide you on your way to an application security strategy that strengthens protection, reduces risk, and improves user experience so you can meet the growing demands of the new mobile economy.

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DIGIPASS for Apps is a software development kit providing application developers with a cross-platform programming environment to secure their (mobile) applications.

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Behavioral Authentication

Behavioral authentication provides an additional layer of security and further strengthens defenses around highly sensitive data by continuously monitoring and measuring, in real-time, the way users interact with their devices including their mouse, keystroke, and gesture dynamics.

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RASP Security

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology detects and prevents real-time attacks against mobile applications, even if users inadvertently download malware onto their mobile device.

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