Executive Summary


DIGIPASS 810 reader combines VASCO Class 1 stand-alone smart card reader functions such as e-signature with the most current EMV-CAP E compliance (Europay-Mastercard-Visa Chip Authentication Program Enhancements.) The display screen has also been redesigned to accommodate more text, including Asian characters.

Easy to Use

Cardholders simply insert their standard EMV chip card into the DIGIPASS 810 reader, and type their PIN for Two-factor authentication (something they know, something they have). Each time a user enters his PIN, a one-time password (OTP) is generated and displayed.
The user can type this secure password to become authenticated over the bank’s network. This dynamic password cannot be used more than once and can only be verified by the issuing bank. The verification of the OTP or e-signature demonstrates cardholder’s identity and allows access to the network from any terminal, on any platform.

DIGIPASS 810 reader can be used in conjunction with VASCO's VACMAN controller authentication platform. For electronic payments, DIGIPASS 810 reader can also be integrated into the 3D-Secure architecture, allowing the cardholder to sign specific account data to complete the transaction. The reader does not require a connection to the terminal or PC, nor any client software or drivers.

Low cost of ownership

The DIGIPASS 810 reader combines the intrinsic security of the smart card with the flexibility of a Token. No extra personalization is required by the network owner and can be delivered very efficiently in high volume. Security infrastructure costs are reduced since there are fewer helpdesk calls. The DIGIPASS 810 reader can allows banks to transition cost effectively to strong authentication for retail banking by leveraging their existing investment in EMV infrastructure.

Factory to Field

The DIGIPASS 810 reader initializes itself and becomes unique the moment a user inserts their smart card and enters their PIN. All secrets are permanently erased when the card is removed. The DIGIPASS 810 reader is platform-independent and does not require personalization prior to customer delivery; each reader is identical. Therefore production and distribution are efficient and very cost-effective.


  • DIGIPASS 810 reader is a Stand-alone PIN pad reader
  • Display: High contrast 80x16 dot matrix LCD
  • Size: Compact 96 x 62 x 11 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Keypad: Tactile keypad with silicon rubber key printed with an epoxy layer. Resistant to over 100,000 rubbings. 10 numeric keys, 5 function keys
  • Lifetime: 5-year lifetime
  • Standards:
    • Mastercard CAP (2004, 2007)
    • Mastercard CAP E (2008)
    • VISA dynamic passcode authentication version 1.1
    • German Sm@rt TAN
    • Belgian eID Card
    • Banksys Unconnected reader specification (BKS M.010 version 1.3)
  • Logo: Bank’s logo can be printed on the reader. Color of the casing can also be customized
  • Compliance:
    • Drop: 1 meter, IEC 60068-2-31
    • Tampering: Tamper evidence ISO 13491-1





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