DIGIPASS Appliance Pack


VASCO’s DIGIPASS Appliance Pack is a convenient combination of the IDENTIKEY Appliance bundle with DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication.  This all-in-one solution offers a highly affordable Strong User Authentication server with client DIGIPASS authenticators that can be up and running in little time.

The DIGIPASS Packs include the IDENTIKEY Authentication server licenses as well as corresponding DIGIPASS, while the IDENTIKEY Appliance is running the IDENTIKEY Authentication server at its core.
The IDENTIKEY Appliance is available in 2 different hardware platforms with different storage and processing capabilities and the DIGIPASS Packs are available in Standard or Gold Edition for a user range from 5 till 500.  Combining the two components of a complete installation into one offering brings several advantages to the customer.  No matter what number of users or the type of authentication, there will always be a DIGIPASS Appliance Pack to suit your needs.


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