Digipass GO 3

Not all security measures require sophisticated procedures with multiple steps and physical entries required to authenticate users. Neither should it pose a large expense. Digipass GO 3 offers a simple and affordable two-factor authentication solution.

DIGIPASS GO 3 - 265x220

Easy to Use

With a single press of the button, Digipass GO 3 displays a dynamic one-time password (OTP) for each time a user remotely logs into an application, website or network. The user enters this one-time password in the login screen of the application. An additional password, as a second factor of authentication, can also be applied to eliminate unauthorized use if the device is lost or stolen. Digipass GO 3 is extremely portable and can be carried on a key ring, worn around the neck or simply placed in a pocket or purse.

Easy to Deploy

The integration of Digipass GO 3 into an existing network is simple and goes fast. Static passwords or existing TAN lists (pre-printed lists of TransAction Numbers) can instantly be replaced with the more secure Digipass GO 3 dynamic password. Once the unit has been initialized and provided to the user, costly user training is unnecessary.

  • 12.5 x 30 x 60 mm
  • 10 grams, including the battery
  • One-button
  • High contrast 8 character LCD
Battery Life
  • Non-replaceable, lifetime expectancy up to 7 years
  • Real-time clock to provide time value to Digipass algorithm
  • Supported crypto algorithm: DES or 3DES 
  • Can be combined with a PIN entry on a PC
  • Compatible with other Digipass family members
  • Compatible with over 50 major application software vendors
  • Supports OneSpan's mutli-OTP technoclogy


Case Study

Standard Bank

Leading South African Standard Bank eliminates remote access security concerns by deploying Digipass technology.
Case Study

Jyske Bank

Danish Jyske Bank integrates OneSpan Authentication Server Framework to protect its corporate network.

Digipass GO 3

User acceptance of security tools is a crucial factor in guaranteeing the success of security solution implementations for secure access to remote applications and networks. An alternative to the risk that static PINs and TAN lists pose, Digipass GO 3 is very affordable, ultra-user friendly, and quick and efficient to rollout to users. These advantages allow you to close all security gaps in user authentication in a matter of hours. Digipass GO 3 is also able to carry corporate logos, branding and custom colors to suit your business. Digipass GO 3 is the perfect balance between an elegant design, and an unrivaled degree of portability and affordability in an easy to use security device.

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