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DIGIPASS GO 7 is a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified one-time password (OTP) hardware authentication device that boosts security, provides unmatched user acceptance and also supports VASCO’s Multi OTP technology. DIGIPASS GO 7 offers enhanced security for organizations that need to secure multiple applications with a single device including banks, healthcare providers and enterprises. 

DIGIPASS GO 7 - 260 x 225

Easy To Use

With DIGIPASS GO 7, a user simply presses one button to generate a one-time password (OTP), enabling secure log into an application, website or network. And being the thinnest authenticator in the “GO” series, this slim hardware device is easy for users to carry, and complies with standard postal regulations in several countries.

Easy To Integrate And Deploy

DIGIPASS GO 7 is fully interoperable with other DIGIPASS authenticators, and works seamlessly with VACMAN and IDENTIKEY authentication management products, as well as with over 50 different VASCO partner applications. The integration of DIGIPASS GO 7 into an existing network is simple and swift. Static passwords or existing TAN lists (preprinted lists of TransAction Numbers) can instantly be replaced with the more secure DIGIPASS GO 7 dynamic password.

Product specifications

Element Details
  • 9.5 x 25 x 48 mm
  • 13 grams
  • one-button
  • high contrast 8 character LCD

Security Certification

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 
Battery life 
  • minimum 7 year
  • Real-time clock to provide time value to DIGIPASS algorithm
  • Supported crypto algorithm: DES, 3DES and AES
  • Supported algorithms: DIGIPASS event and time based
  • OATH event (HOTP) or time (TOTP) based (on demand)


Product Brief


DIGIPASS GO 7 is a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified one-time password (OTP) hardware token – a convenient single-button authentication device that boosts security while providing unmatched user acceptance. DIGIPASS GO 7 also supports VASCO’s Multi OTP technology, offering enhanced security for organizations who need to secure multiple applications with a single DIGIPASS.
Solution Brief

VASCO Solutions for HIT Vendors Overview (US)

Today, HIT vendors face mounting pressure to offer secure, intuitive systems and applications that comply with strict government regulations and meet growing demands for protection of identities and control over sensitive data. But ensuring the security and compliance of data can’t disrupt fast access to healthcare applications and patient information.
Solution Brief

VASCO Solutions for Healthcare Providers Overview (US)

As the healthcare industry continues to transform, practitioners and providers require advanced solutions for reducing cybersecurity threats and safeguarding patient information. Growing adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and e-prescribing places the burden on organizations to comply with EPCS, HIPAA and other federal and state regulations.
Solution Brief

Compliant Digital Identity Management Solutions for Healthcare

The proliferation of digital patient information and a surge in government regulations are forcing a shift in the healthcare industry. As the entire healthcare community adopts digital processes and web-based systems for patient data, the need for stronger security and compliance measures grows exponentially.

EPCS Compliance for Cerner Millennium

DEA regulations mandate the use of two-factor authentication when a prescription for a controlled substance is submitted electronically.

Case Study

Group S

Group S takes care of its customers’ businesscritical information on online applications with DIGIPASS GO 7.

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