DIGIPASS CertiID 3.6 is a client-based software suite that combines PKI and OTP technology. The software suite has been designed for users unfamiliar with PKI technology. This solution is perfectly aligned to the growing needs of banks, enterprises and governments.

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DIGIPASS CertiID Software combines PKI and OTP technology, allowing one-time passwords to be used for remote access and desktop and application log-on, while PKI is used for disk encryption, data, e-mail and transaction signing.

In corporate environments, the solution can be used to secure local and remote access to the network and business-critical applications, lock workstations, encrypt disks and files, digital sign e-mails and for mobile data security.

In banking environments, the device helps to comply with more stringent financial regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA) and enhanced security requirements. PKI technology can be used to digitally sign transactions.

How does it work?

DIGIPASS CertiID is installed on the PC of the end user and is used in conjunction with a DIGIPASS KEY solution. 

The DIGIPASS KEY product range is VASCO’s offering of authentication devices which support PKI-technology. 

When an end-user initially requests a certificate, a private key is stored on the (integrated) smart card of the authentication device. This private key can never be exported, leveraging security. To activate the device, the user must enter his PIN code.

PKI and OTP technology combined

DIGIPASS CertiID allows a smooth migration from insecure static passwords to OTP and PKI. The combination of both technologies on one platforms allows companies to use OTP for specific applications such as remote access and logon. PKI can be used at the same time for other applications such as document and transaction signing and file encryption. Financial institutions can choose between OTP and PKI functionality or migrate from one to the other.

Simple to deploy and maintain

The DIGIPASS CertiID Setup Builder allows customized set up: the user can install only those options he needs. An auto update function can be activated during installation. Support is provided through a troubleshooting and diagnostics tool. These features help ITadministrators with general maintenance. Furthermore, deployment can be done remotely and new security features can easily be added in a later stage, even after physical rollout of devices to the end users.

Ease of use

Developed for users unfamiliar with PKI technology, DIGIPASS CertiID Software enjoys a high user acceptance. The GUI is designed with Windows Explorer look and feel and includes intuitive icons. Users are up and running in no time, resulting in no loss of productivity.


Element Details

Support for PKI, OTP

  • Can be used with a multitude of Certificate Authorities, multiple card manufacturers and card operating systems
Support for DIGIPASS Key Devices
  • DIGIPASS KEY 860 and DIGIPASS KEY 200 USB devices, encrypted mass USB storage capability
Digital Signature Support
  • Signing documents via digital signatures with Adobe, Microsoft office and Open Office
Microsoft ILM Support
  • Supports Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM /CLM )
Administrative, User Console
  • DIGIPASS CertiID management console for user and administrator to manage the smart card and their credentials 
  • DIGIPASS CertiID setup builder is available and allows automatic integration with third party product
Online and Offline Activation
  • Online OTP time + event based are supported for all smart cards and USB devices 
  • Online and offline OTP activation, compliant with IDENTIKEY Authentication Server or VACMAN Controller 
AAC Policy Support
  • Active directory templates support the management and deployment of AAC policies
Automatic Settings, Policy Updates
  • Automatic setting for the user policies and Group Policy Objects 
  • Automatic software updates 

Troubleshooting, Diagnostics Support

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics with error reporting viewer 

  • Full reset of the smart card, multiple profiles supported


Product Brief


DIGIPASS CertiID Software offers a solution to the growing authentication needs of banks, enterprises and governments. It combines PKI and OTP technology, allowing OTP to be used for remote access, desktop and application log-on, while PKI is used for disc encryption, data, e-mail and transaction signing. With DIGIPASS CertiID Software proven identity, privacy and non-repudiation issues are tackled.

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