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Virtual DIGIPASS offers a user-friendly and cost efficient solution for strong user authentication and e-signatures. It's as simple as entering a user ID and PIN and the one-time password is immediately sent to the mobile phone via SMS. Virtual DIGIPASS can be used either as a backup or primary authentication method.

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Alternative authentication method. Virtual DIGIPASS is an alternative method in case of device loss. Device loss implies several unintended costs including your help desk having to reset your user account to a static password. Also, a loss of productivity because a user cannot log in to your applications.

Reduce hidden costs and eliminate productivity loss. Virtual DIGIPASS is the perfect solution to reduce and even eliminate these hidden costs.

Benefit from strong two-factor authentication at all times. No help desk interaction and no expertise required for integration. Also, no need for hardware or software devices. As a result continuity of service is guaranteed while maintaining secure authentication. This lowers the total cost of ownership.

How does it work?

Virtual DIGIPASS operates with an additional component called the Message Delivery Component (MDC) that interfaces with the gateway service to send a one-time password to your cell phone. The MDC acts as a service, accepting messages from IDENTIKEY Authentication Server. These messages are then forwarded to a text message gateway via the HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Virtual DIGIPASS requires additional licensing and is available for every IDENTIKEY installation. On specific VACMAN Controller based integrations, relevant licensing must be implemented.


Case Study

Deutsche Milchkontor

DMK, Deutsches Milchkontor, Germany’s largest dairy company, already relied on strong two-factor authentication for years to secure remote access to its network and critical data. As a part of a data center consolidation and the replacement of remote access hardware, the company decided to migrate from its previous deployed solution to VASCO’s DIGIPASS technology and at the same time upgraded its server to IDENTIKEY.

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