Buyer’s Guide to Evaluating Fraud Detection Tools

White Paper Detailing the Essential Capabilities in Successful Fraud Detection Tools

Buyers Guide to Evaluate Fraud Detection cover imageThe fraud detection and prevention market offers a wide range of tools with a wide range of capabilities, but fraud is an ever-evolving threat. Not every tool can keep up with the new fraud schemes in play today.

Download this guide to gain expert insight on the essential capabilities you need in a fraud detection tool. From machine learning and an advanced rule engine to dynamic authentication flows, learn the nine key requirements to look for when comparing fraud solutions.

By Downloading this White Paper, You’ll Discover:

Green Checkmark Check The nine capabilities you need to combat today’s fraud schemes

Green Checkmark Check The value of a layered, context-aware online security approach to fraud detection

Green Checkmark Check Why analyzing the mobile device itself is so crucial

Green Checkmark Check How to explore the full potential of your data

Green Checkmark Check How OneSpan’s Risk Analytics solution meets these requirements

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