Security 101 for Healthcare Records: Digital Identities to Automate the Process - Interview

The current state of healthcare cybersecurity is way behind commonly accepted standards for confidential information in other industries such as financial services. This incentivized hackers to migrate to take advantage of the low hanging fruit.

Watch this short video to understand how access to patient data can be secured, for physicians, staff, and patients. VASCO’s security experts talk about:

  • Weakest link in healthcare security
  • Digital identities
  • Authentication

“The current cost of a healthcare breach is $398 per record. You are playing with fire if you don’t think this is going to happen!“, Michael Magrath @VASCO
“The key is: you don’t notice what you are doing around security; you are just doing your job”, Benjamin Wyrick @ VASCO

Michael Magrath,Chair of the HIMSS Identity Management Task Force and Director of Business Development, Healthcare @ VASCO
Benjamin Wyrick, Vice President of Sales and Business Operations @ VASCO

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