Delivering Trust Through Mobile App Shielding & Hardening

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Mobile applications are a central and significant component of any organization’s digital strategy. As user demands grow, the threat to application security grows with it. Is your organization prepared to defend its apps against the ever-changing threat landscape while maintaining a frictionless user experience?

Sign up to watch this webinar and hear Will LaSala, director of security solutions for VASCO Data Security, discuss intelligent options for defending your apps by protecting, detecting and reacting to mobile threats like:

  • Device Cloning/Debugging 

  • Screen Overlay/Screen Capture 

  • Application Repackaging/Malware 

  • Reverse Engineering

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About the presenter:

Will Lasala

Will LaSala is the director of security solutions for VASCO Data Security. He joined the company in 2001 and over the years has been involved in all aspects of product implementation and market direction within financial institutions, online gaming, and mobile application development. Will currently empowers the markets and VASCO’s largest clients with direct communication of new products and features and security changes. Prior to joining VASCO, he worked as a senior systems engineer and developer for a prominent New England consulting firm. He brings over 20 years of software and cyber security experience.

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