Digital Trust: Aligning Security and User Experience

By American Banker and VASCO Data Security

Presented by:
Benjamin Wyrick, VP of Sales and Business Operations @ VASCO
Will LaSala, Director of Services NA @ VASCO
Moderated by: Michael Sisk, Senior Editor@ American Banker


Financial institutions are in the middle of a major digital transformation. Technological advancements have made fintech faster, more flexible and more convenient. They also brought forward cyber fraud attacks that were not even in the picture just a few years ago forcing fintech community to take a hard look at security vs user experience.

How can FIs reconcile the challenge of balancing security and positive user experience? Bringing “digital trust” to their customers could be the answer.
This webcast will discuss the concept of “digital trust” in fintech and how FIs can benefit from it in areas like customer onboarding, document signing, account takeover and fraud prevention, transaction integrity, compliance, and user convenience.

Fintech security experts from VASCO will outline a strategic roadmap for building digital trust, including:

  • Electronic identity proofing
  • Secure provisioning and device binding
  • Mobile app security and runtime application self-protection
  • Unobtrusive multi-factor authentication
  • Transaction security
  • Real-time fraud prevention
  • Digital signing

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