Enhancing Identity Protection Solutions with a Certified Hardware Security Module (HSM)


Type: On-Demand Webinar 
Duration: 30 minutes 
Presented by: 
Juan Asenjo, Global Manager for Partner Integrations @ Thales
Will Lasala, Director of Services @ VASCO
Language: English 

Recently documented cyber-attacks targeted specifically at two-factor authentication solutions can render these security measures ineffective, put confidential data at risk, undermine customer trust and create a public relations nightmare. As security professionals, we believe that there is a clear need to create a trusted and secure environment that protects and manages the underpinning cryptographic keys use for the critical provisioning and authentication processes.

This webcast discusses how VASCO and Thales address these challenges with an integrated solution for the secure lifecycle management of user credentials and authentication devices using certified HSMs at its root of trust.

You will learn how the joint solution can help you comply with regulatory requirements for the financial, healthcare and public sectors and to:

  • Combat APT attacks on your stored authentication data
  • Leverage HSMs to protect and manage underpinning cryptographic keys
  • Prevent reverse engineering of cryptographic keys and algorithms
  • Use an integrated solution to enforce security policies and separate security functions from administrative tasks
  • Secure license provisioning for hardware and software

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