Mobile Threats and Trends Changing Mobile App Security

The increased number of cyberattacks on mobile has dominated the news in the past year. Offering mobile services is crucial to growth and differentiating your offerings, but what are best practices for doing so in light of increasing mobile threats?

Safeguarding mobile apps during runtime and empowering them to protect themselves in hostile environments is becoming a necessity.

How can you safeguard your mobile apps?

Watch the OneSpan webinar and you will discover:

  • Today’s mobile app threat landscape

  • How changing distribution models (e.g., Fortnite for Android) affect your app security

  • How mobile overlay and other attacks work

  • How mobile apps can protect themselves against these attacks with app shielding and runtime protection

Watch this on demand webinar by filling out the registration form.

Stefaan Seys 

Stefaan Seys
Security Architect Security Competence Center

Sam Bakken 

Samuel Bakken
Sr. Product Marketing Manager


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