Overcoming Security Concerns in Mobile Banking

Financial institutions are increasingly moving to online and mobile channels to offer better and more cost-efficient experiences to their customers. But how can your bank overcome security concerns? Unfortunately, digital channels have become a high-risk environment due to data breaches, phishing, malware, and social engineering attacks.

To understand current trends in online and mobile banking fraud, the tools being used to mitigate these risks, and planned investments to protect digital channels, Aite Group surveyed executives from large North American financial institutions.

Register for this webinar to hear insights from this research related to:

  • Trends in cyber fraud losses 

  • Which authentication measures (e.g., behavioral analytics, biometrics, KBA) will increase in usage

  • Which authentication measures are falling out of favor 

  • Technology investments planned to improve security 

  • Omni-channel security vs. mobile channel security

David Vergara
David Vergara

Director Product Marketing
VASCO Data Security

Shirley Inscoe - Infosecurity Webinar
Shirley Inscoe

Senior Analyst
Aite Group

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