Security in the Time of Digital Transformation

Webcast on-demand

Bringing Digital Trust to Banking

Presented by: Aite Group and VASCO Data Security


Most banks nowadays are talking about digital transformation syncing up their services, processes, and procedures with technological advancements. While “digital transformation” can mean different things to different people, all of us agree that the old ways of doing business just have no place in today’s digital world. Technological advancements have made banking faster, more flexible and more convenient. Adding security to the mix will enable banks achieve even greater efficiencies, meet their digital transformation goals and regulatory demands. To empower users and address cyber attacks banks no longer need to secure individual unconnected pieces; they can now build “digital trust” into their services and applications.

View this webcast on-demand presented by Aite Group and VASCO to understand what “digital trust” means and how it can help banks in their digital transformation journey.

Presenters will cover these topics:

  • Favored attack vectors on existing and emerging banking channels
  • Account take over and CNP fraud post EMV
  • Mobile application threats and key elements of platform security
  • Digitizing customer onboarding and enrollment via trusted digital identities
  • Same day ACH and transaction security
  • Omni channel security in action (mobile, online, phone, ATM, branch)
  • Enabling better user experience through security
  • Best security practices in the time of digital transformation

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