Enhancing the Customer Experience

Frictionless authentication and transaction signing are key drivers of customer experience and loyalty

Biometrics - specifically the use of fingerprints (TouchID) and face recognition as a means of mobile banking authentication – is increasingly becoming an accepted part of daily life, particularly by millennials who are expected to have more buying power than any other demographic by 2017. (Nielsen Research)



Banks view these solutions as more secure than simple passwords, while customers embrace their simplicity and convenience. At the same time, however, banks face the challenge of integrating these technologies within their security architecture while avoiding unforeseen security risks and complexities.

This need to balance strong authentication and transaction signing security with end user convenience and successful integration is key in executing a successful application security program.



Leading visual cryptogram and biometric authentication technologies by VASCO, an active member of the international Biometrics Institute, achieve the right balance of these factors by providing flexible and fully integrated solutions that leverage something as simple as a fingerprint scan or “selfie” to accurately and securely authenticate users, even on mobile devices.

Internet banking applications requiring strong security are equally as simple with VASCO’s CRONTO® technology. A scan of a unique and patented color QR code quickly and securely authorizes every transaction.

Solution Benefits:

DIGIPASS for Apps - Fully Integrated Application Security
  • Unprecedented user convenience through extensive and fully integrated two-factor authentication options including face recognition, fingerprint scan and PIN

emptyCRONTO - Patented Color QR Code Authentication
  • Enables fast adoption and bring strong security and simplicity to users when signing online transactions
  • Shifts transaction authorization control form the user to the bank and trusted device
  • Prevents fraud and strengthens protection against phishing attacks, Trojans, Man in the Middle (MitM) and Man in the Browser (Mitb) attacks

DIGIPASS for Mobile
  • Delivering secure, out-of-band (OOB) validation for pending transactions (e.g. push notifications)
  • Verifying identity using a password and fingerprint biometrics to ensure only the right user gains access
  • Logging into an app via face recognition in order to authenticate end users and validate their transactions


Scan & Sign Transaction Demo

Face Recognition Using DIGIPASS for Apps

Your end users can experience truly frictionless and secure authentication using the latest Face Recognition technology.

DIGIPASS for Apps Fingerprint Authentication

Find out how your users can securely log in into your apps with “DIGIPASS for Mobile” using convenient technologies such as QR code scanning and Touch ID.

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