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The gaming market has gone mobile. Today there are more players using more platforms than ever and, in many instances, gamers carry their platforms around with them. As a result of this increased portability, mobile gamers need a new type of security. Usernames and passwords are a thing of the past; we inherently trust the user is playing our games on their own device. The gamer may trust their device, but it is up to us to ensure the security around that trust. Players want to start an application, get playing and purchase tokens and upgrades. Security can no longer be a barrier to making these transactions quick and painless


Account hacking poses a real threat which may erode gaming applications’ customer bases. Though very valuable, online gaming and gambling accounts are inadequately protected. As they are generally protected by insecure static passwords, they are easy targets for online fraudsters.

  • Account Theft Prevention

    E-gaming is a multi-billion dollar business targeted by fraudsters through various attacks to hack users’ accounts.

  • Optimal User Experience

    Strong security across large gamer populations with expectations by users for a streamlined login experience is daunting at best.

  • Ease Of Deployment

    Selecting a solution that offers simplicity of design, strong integration and proper support to avoid costly delays and poor user experience.

RASP is critical - CC - image

RASP Is Critical for Mobile App Security

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VASCO has built an impressive track record for securing online gaming applications. By using its renowned DIGIPASS technology, static and weak passwords are replaced by proven two-factor authentication. With VASCO's solutions, MMOG companies can quickly and inexpensively solve a significant number of their account security troubles, all without drastically altering the end-user experience.


Unlimited Scalability

VASCO’s two-factor authentication solutions can be applied to multiple games and additional users without the hassle of rebuilding the entire infrastructure.

user experience

High User Acceptance

VASCO currently has millions of online gamers using its authentication devices and software. End-users do not need to install additional software on their computers, eliminating the need for training manuals and therefore helpdesk costs ensuring a secure gaming experience without any hassles.

security architecture

Cost-Effective Architecture

VASCO’s authentication solutions are built on a single API-based platform without the hassle and costs of rebuilding the entire infrastructure, which allows for significant cost savings and flexibility.

future proof

Future Proof

One structure can support all of your current and future properties, such as multiple games and current and future titles

Our Products

Our patented trust-based security products meet your unique requirements through a rich set of customizable client, server, hardware, software and cloud-based options.

Authenticator - 80 X 80

DIGIPASS Authenticators

Authenticators provide proof of identity through two-factor authentication and are a leading security solution worldwide.

Management Platforms - 80 X 80

Management Platforms

Server-side authentication and real-time fraud analysis software is an ultimate security solution.

Developer tools - 80 X 80

Application Security Tools

With our API-based authentication platform, developers can secure virtually any existing application.

Cloud services - 80 X 80

Document eSignatures

Reduce cost and accelerate time to market by adopting our eSignLive document-signing solution.


Online Gamers Are Being Targeted By Motivated Cybercriminals Right Now

Learn how VASCO's innovative and user-friendly technology can keep your gamers' accounts secure
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Case Study


Leading online game operators trust VASCO’s solutions and expertise to secure users’ accounts.

Case Study


Konami Digital Entertainment (Konami), global developer and manufacturer of entertainment properties, has deployed VASCO’s DIGIPASS one-time password solution to strengthen the authentication level of most of its online services, including its online gaming site, online community and the online shopping site “Konami Style”.

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