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Identity & Access

Safeguarding critical systems access

Today, every organization is faced with the complex challenge of efficiently validating user identity and enabling secure access. The modern distributed workforce demands convenient anytime/anywhere access to web, mobile and cloud networks, applications and resources that provide the information required to drive competitive advantage and operational efficiencies. At the same time, organizations must prevent security breaches, maintain continuous compliance, and protect brand reputation… all while dynamically growing. 

VASCO delivers complete and flexible industry-leading security solutions. Our fully integrated authentication platform and innovative devices empower users to simply and intuitively protect high value assets while delivering customer value.

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VASCO solutions help organizations protect sensitive information from cyber criminals, mitigating risk, preventing data theft, and ultimately, safeguarding brand reputation.


Simple and secure access

Increased visibility into user access and proven two factor authentication tools enhance the ability to protect business-critical assets.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on convenience

Users input identity credentials once for access to multiple web apps and networks.


Powerful and flexible security framework

Customized security and deployment options meet your unique needs through easy-to-deploy, mix-and-match security technologies and devices.


Ensured compliance

Noncompliance can cost an organization a hefty toll in penalties, lost revenue, and damaged reputation. VASCO enables strict compliance with evolving regulations.

Our Products

Proven technology trusted by the world’s leading enterprises

Authenticator - 80 X 80

DIGIPASS authenticators

Authenticators provide proof of identity through two-factor authentication and are a leading security solution worldwide.

Management Platforms - 80 X 80

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server

Flexible and integrated enterprise authentication management system.

Management Platforms - 80 X 80

IDENTIKEY Federation Server

Simplified validation of user credentials across multiple web apps and portals.

DIGIPASS for Apps white


Simple and secure authentication for mobile.

Our Expertise

We been protecting companies for more than 20 years. See how our flexible business solutions have met the needs of clients just like you.

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Are you proactively protecting your brand reputation?

Find out how to cost-effectively protect sensitive information, mitigate risk, and prevent malicious attacks.

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IDENTIKEY Overview brochure

The IDENTIKEY product family is continuously expanded as new needs arise in different markets. Technology changes, markets mature and users look for newer, enhanced experiences. IDENTIKEY grows and expands to address these changes. Four major server components exist side-by-side and offer a solution for any security installation.


IDENTIKEY Federation Server

A complete authentication and access management server, designed to validate user login on web-hosted applications.



DIGIPASS GO 7 is a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified one-time password (OTP) hardware token – a convenient single-button authentication device that boosts security while providing unmatched user acceptance. DIGIPASS GO 7 also supports VASCO’s Multi OTP technology, offering enhanced security for organizations who need to secure multiple applications with a single DIGIPASS.

Product Brief

DIGIPASS for Mobile

DIGIPASS for Mobile balances the need for stronger application security with demands for user convenience by delivering comprehensive, built-in security for your mobile applications, combined with a frictionless, “hands-free” authentication and e-signing experience for your mobile users.

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