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Fraud Prevention

Comprehensive Security to Combat Fraud

Today’s global organizations are prime targets for fraud. Sophisticated cybercriminals and complex blended threats are making dynamic online and mobile environments increasingly difficult to protect. Savvy fraudsters are constantly poised to exploit any exposed weakness in defense infrastructure using a range of methods from advanced phishing techniques to rogue applications and malware. Organizations must deploy cohesive fraud protection strategies that span the digital ecosystem. This involves integrating and safeguarding data shared via a rapidly growing number of digital intersections, with each online interaction introducing yet another threat vector. 

At the same time, today’s users demand a simple and secure experience across all channels. They are unwilling to engage in onerous processes to access business services. Inconvenient login and authentication mechanisms push customers to competitors. VASCO security solutions pro-actively and intelligently minimize an organization’s exposure to fraud while optimizing the user experience.

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Traditional approaches to fraud prevention often rely on a broad range of less effective security tools and disparate technologies to address the various risks and exploits that litter today’s threat landscape. VASCO’s unique and fully integrated security framework provides organizations with a single-platform that provides the flexibility to meet any level of online or application security, deployment scale or threat mitigation requirement.


Dynamic Authentication

Real-time intelligent access control based on risk analytics

user experience

Enhanced User Experience

Flexible, convenient, risk-based verification methods

Stop fraud

Streamlined Fraud Prevention across Channels

Proactive dismantling of man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing exploits

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Improved Risk Posture

Blocking fraud schemes to ensure regulatory compliance and protect brand image

Our Products

Authenticator - 80 X 80

DIGIPASS authenticators

Authenticators provide proof of identity through two-factor authentication and are a leading security solution worldwide.

Management Platforms - 80 X 80

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager

Proactive fraud prevention across multiple channels
DIGIPASS for Apps white


A comprehensive software development kit that natively integrates application security, two-factor authentication and electronic signing into your mobile applications


Document eSignatures

eSignLive is VASCO's e-signature solution for secure document signing processes

Our Expertise

We've been protecting companies for more than 20 years. See how our flexible business solutions have met the needs of clients just like you.

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White Paper

Efficient eCommerce Fraud Management for Acquirers

With VASCO IDENTIKEY Risk Manager, you can improve the manner and speed at which you detect and stop fraud across multiple channels.


IDENTIKEY Risk Manager

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager is a comprehensive fraud solution designed to help you improve the manner and speed at which your organization detects fraud across multiple channels, enabling you to take a proactive approach to fraud prevention, while at the same time making the experience as painless as possible for your users.


Digipass 270

The small and lightweight Digipass 270 offers the same secure remote access and authentication features of Digipass 250/260-but is extremely compact. On top of that it has a streamlined design, which can be customized according to your marketing needs. It’s the ideal password-protected personal identification device for banks, enterprises and organizations needing an effective and cost-efficient, high-volume solution. In addition, Digipass 270 enables digital signatures for transactions.

Solution Brief

Risk Based Authentication

Risk-based authentication powered by real-time behavior analysis improves fraud detection and enhances ease of use.

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