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Mobile App Security

Mobile Application Security

Mobile users demand uncompromised convenience and intuitive functionality on all devices. At the same time, enterprises must prevent confidential customer information from getting into the hands of malicious adversaries who view the mobile environment as an irresistible opportunity. Enhancing mobile app security is a critical element of an effective fraud prevention strategy. 

VASCO protects the mobile app platform from evolving threats, enabling innovative companies to securely deliver new offerings for the mobile channel.

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Malware designed to attack mobile apps and steal your customer’s data is at an all-time high. VASCO’s DIGIPASS for Apps-RASP provides complete and dynamic protection for your mobile apps by actively detecting, preventing and reporting on attacks, using unique identifiers, and can protect data and transactions from even the strongest attacks by shutting down the app altogether if required.

DIGIPASS for Apps-RASP drives customer loyalty and growth, via more mobile services, by ensuring complete trust in your mobile apps.

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Learn more about how the world’s leading companies secure mobile apps with VASCO solutions.


VASCO offers a robust portfolio of mobile application security solutions that effectively protect against sophisticated mobile fraud schemes while delivering a frictionless user experience. We natively integrate two-factor authentication and electronic signing into mobile app security.

DIGIPASS for Mobile

Integrated Mobile App Security

Single framework for user and transaction authentication

user experience

Enhanced User Experience

Simple and convenient authentication options


Increased Transaction Volume

Lower-cost transactions and more business

Customer trust

Elevated Customer Trust

Confidence that builds brand loyalty

Our Products

DIGIPASS for Mobile - Cronto - 80x80

DIGIPASS for Mobile

Pairing enhanced out-of-the-box mobile app security with frictionless user experience

Management Platforms - 80 X 80

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager

Proactive fraud prevention across multiple channels

MYDIGIPASS lock - 80 x 80


Simple and secure authentication for mobile

DIGIPASS for Apps white


All-in-one developer's toolkit for mobile

Our Expertise

Learn more about how the world’s leading companies secure mobile apps with VASCO solutions.

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Are you fully leveraging explosive growth in the mobile channel?

VASCO can help you reduce threats, combat fraud, lower transaction costs, elevate customer trust, and improve the mobile user experience.

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White Paper

Invisible Mobile Banking Channel Security

Download this white paper to learn how RASP and behavioral biometrics help you to make the best mobile app security decisions.


Make It Mobile

How to successfully implement a secure mobile strategy. Mobile applications are changing the way business is done, offering instant access to services for your users. And the conveniences of mobile applications can yield many benefits: mobile apps can save time, reduce cost, and accelerate business, boosting everything from workforce productivity to customer loyalty.

Product Brief

DIGIPASS for Mobile

DIGIPASS for Mobile balances the need for stronger application security with demands for user convenience by delivering comprehensive, built-in security for your mobile applications, combined with a frictionless, “hands-free” authentication and e-signing experience for your mobile users.

Product Brief


Keep your users happy and your applications secure with the world’s easiest cloud-based two-factor authentication service.

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