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Advanced Transaction Protection

Today’s hackers use phishing and social engineering schemes to masquerade as trustworthy entities, trick unsuspecting victims into divulging confidential information, and execute fraudulent transactions. While users remain the weakest link in the security chain, authorizing transactions is just as important as validating authenticity of customers. Authenticating users and transactions are top priorities for banks and other organizations conducting business online and via the mobile channel. 

Mitigate social engineering attacks and elevate trust in transactions while providing a frictionless experience for users. VASCO solutions go beyond traditional transaction signing technologies. We deliver advanced protection against sophisticated hacking attacks coupled with the highest level of customer convenience.

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More than half of the world’s top 100 banks rely on VASCO to secure transactions. We protect 1,700 global financial institutions. VASCO’s scalable strong authentication technologies provide versatile, cost-effective security unmatched by any other solution in the industry.

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Advanced Transaction Authorization

Delivering more comprehensive solutions than traditional methodologies, VASCO’s CRONTO technology ensures simple and secure transaction authorization.

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Enhanced User Experience

Unprecedented user convenience with easy visual transaction signing. Customers are automatically notified about a pending transaction. After accessing or receiving an encrypted image from the bank, they simply scan and verify the transaction on a trusted device.

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Effective Human Risk Mitigation

The bank initiates and controls every aspect of the transaction authorization process. User interaction is reduced to a minimum.

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Proactive Prevention of Social Engineering Attacks

Secure high-risk transactions with advanced fraud protection for mobile apps.

Our Expertise

We've been protecting companies for more than 20 years. See how our flexible business solutions have met the needs of clients just like you.

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Who controls transactions in your banking channels?

Find out how to minimize user vulnerability and seize control over transaction authorization. 

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Product Brief

DIGIPASS for Mobile

DIGIPASS for Mobile balances the need for stronger application security with demands for user convenience by delivering comprehensive, built-in security for your mobile applications, combined with a frictionless, “hands-free” authentication and e-signing experience for your mobile users.


Digipass 780

Digipass 780 is a patented visual transaction signing solution that protects online banking services from sophisticated cyber threats. With the combination of patented Cronto and PIN protection, Digipass 780 provides the strongest security while delivering unprecedented convenience for users.


Digipass 770

Digipass 770 with patented Cronto technology offers banks a highly secure e-signature solution allowing them to deploy or transition economically to nextgeneration authentication methods while enjoying exceptional user convenience.


Digipass 760

Digipass 760 is a patented visual transaction signing solution targeted towards online banking services. Its innovative technology is a simple, user friendly and effective way to withstand even very sophisticated attacks by Trojan malware.


Meet the Mobile Menace

Top security threats and what you can do to prevent them.

White Paper

A Blueprint for Securing Mobile Banking Applications

Mobile banking has the opportunity to become just as disruptive in the modern era as ATMs were back in the 1970s. From the convenience of our own homes, and with our own devices, we now have the opportunity to do just about everything except get cash from our bank.

White Paper

Authentication for the Next Generation

Gen Y Takeover - changing the way we protect our digital lives.

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