Fulfillment Services

VASCO can help differentiate your services from your competitors by private-labeling products and packaging to meet your business needs. Additionally, we can lighten up the supply chain burden by storing packaging and products, distributing them on an as-needed basis. 

Private Labeling & Customization

Customized Products

Every type of DIGIPASS, be it soft or hardware, can be personalized. DIGIPASS can be branded with your company’s logo, name and colors. Even your website, telephone number or your company’s slogan can be placed on the DIGIPASS device.

Customized Packaging

Our packaging options vary from non-personalized packaging to highly customized color packages produced in alternative (leather, metal...) or ecological materials. DIGIPASS comes in a standard white box but is customizable with specific colors, company logo, additional text and an extra cut-out for the serial number.

Download our Customization Guide.

Distribution & Warehouse Services


VASCO Distribution Services handle the distribution of your DIGIPASS orders. Your order will be delivered to a central location, your branch offices or individual end-users. VASCO has a full service distribution and fulfillment center in Belgium with fully automated facilities equipped with the latest state-of-the-art inserting systems. Depending on the region, VASCO collaborates with postal services or handling companies and will always negotiate the best price conditions for the expected delivery period. Shipping of your DIGIPASS order also includes handling services such as adding a personalized letter, manual or marketing gadget or organizing follow-up mailings.

Delivery of Product-files via OneSpan's Customer Portal



Do you have limited storage space? VASCO offers facilities to keep your DIGIPASS in stock in all security at our especially adapted warehouses.

Download our Fulfillment Services brochure.

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