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VASCO takes security vulnerabilities seriously and therefore encourages individuals or organizations that are experiencing a product security issue to contact the VASCO Product Security Incident response Team (PSIRT). VASCO welcomes reports from customers, independent researchers, industry organizations, vendors and other sources. The VASCO PSIRT can be contacted using the contact form below or following e-mail address:

VASCO PSIRT encourages the encryption and digital signing of sensitive information that is sent to VASCO. The VASCO PSIRT supports encryption of files using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and GNU Privacy Guard (GPG). The VASCO PSIRT PGP public key has following properties:

Key ID0x2EB08598
Key ValuePSIRT public key (3 kB, asc)
Fingerprint (hexadecimal)A793 C580 E3B0 9BDD 1D29 913B 5172 2DF0 2EB0 8598
Fingerprint (biometric)repay molasses solo intention tissue phonetic puppy tambourine Belfast certify pheasant councilman drunken holiness button upcoming buzzard phonetic music narrative

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