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KB 170051: How to use nested groups with LDAP synchronization tool


With the “memberOf” attribute only users member of the assigned group could be synchronized with the LDAP sync tool. This article describes a workaround on how to use nested groups for synchronization.

KB 160136: Upgrading to IDENTIKEY Authentication Server onto Windows Server 2016

How to

This paper outlines the process for upgrading IDENTIKEY Authentication server to a new Microsoft Windows Server 2016 system.

KB 170050: How to configure IDENTIKEY Appliance to allow RADIUS requests with no NAS Identifier or no NAS IP


By default RADIUS requests without NAS Identifier or NAS IP are not accepted by the IDENTIKEY Appliance.

KB 170049: IDENTIKEY Authentication Server LDAP backend authentication fails after renaming a user in Active Directory.


When renaming a user in Active Directory, LDAP backend authentication on Windows Server 2012 from IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) fails. This is because Microsoft has enhanced its security on the sAMAccountName, which IAS uses for the LDAP bind.

KB 170048: LDAP SSL backend authentication fails with message “UnknownCA (TLS Alert 48)”

How to

IAS Backend authentication with Active Directory configured as LDAP SSL backend fails. In the IAS full tracing you can see following error messages: LDAP bind result: Can't contact LDAP server (-1) [DINFO][BackEndStatus::updateServerStatus] > Back-end server <DC.vdsi.local:636> added to status table - status is POTENTIALLY UNAVAILABLE [INFO ][LdapBackEndAuthenticatorImpl::FnBind::bind]...

KB 160135: How to Verify the Version of the IDENTIKEY Appliance?

How to

This document describes how to verify the version of the IDENTIKEY Appliance.

KB 160134: How to Verify Which RASP Shield Version to use on the VASCO Customer Portal with your RASP SDK Implementation


RASP is a security technology that integrates directly into Mobile Applications to provide proactive security against a wide range of attacks, such as tampering, debugging, code injection, code modification and data theft from the App. It performs a number of security checks and protects applications against attacks during runtime in the Android and iOS eco-systems....

KB 160133: OpenSSL error: Unable to load config info from /usr/local/ssl/openssl.cnf


IDENTIKEY Authentication Server installs OpenSSL which can be used for certificate management. The IAS documentation provides sample commands for particular functions but may be missing the -config openssl.cnf flag.

KB 140183: Procedure to request a commercial certificate for IDENTIKEY Authentication Server SOAP interface.


When you want to use a commercial certificate from an official Certificate Authority (e.g. GoDaddy), you can use the following 2 procedures described in this article.

KB 160132: How Can I Export the Static Vector from IDENTIKEY Authentication Server?

How to

This static vector is a data string common for the DIGIPASS serial number in the DPX file. It contains parameter settings that will be used to generate activation data necessary for the activation process of a software DIGIPASS token.

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