VASCO Certification Training Programs

Through e-Learning modules, classroom training and hands-on experience you will be able to acquire the necessary skills and learn all you need to know to become a security expert.

By participating into the VASCO Certified Engineer examination, you will be able to prove your expert security skills. Once certified, you will receive access to the VASCO SEAL community – where you are able to exchange information within your peer group, learn new IT Security & related technologies, stay up-to-date on security trends and maintain your knowledge at the highest level.


VASCO Certified Admin certifications are available for:

  • VASCO Certified Admin IDENTIKEY Authentication server
  • VASCO Certified Admin IDENTIKEY Federation Server
  • VASCO Certified Admin aXsGUARD Gatekeeper

VASCO Certified Engineer certifications are available for:

  • VASCO Certified Engineer IDENTIKEY Authentication server
  • VASCO Certified Engineer IDENTIKEY Federation Server
  • VASCO Certified Engineer aXsGUARD Gatekeeper

VASCO Certified Trainer certifications are available for:

Engineer Certifications are valid for a period of two years for the specific product and topics covered and will give you access to VASCO SEAL for two years, starting from the time of registration with your voucher.

VASCO SEAL allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest security trends, through online & interactive e-Learning modules and exchange of information with other VASCO Certified Engineers.

As a Security Professional you will recognize the importance of continuous training on various topics covering IT Security & related Technologies. VASCO offers you the possibility to stay up-to-date, with classroom trainings provided by VASCO or any of our Authorized Training Centers around the world or via e-Learning.

Through VASCO SEAL you are able to acquire the essential technology and security knowledge, allowing you to achieve the necessary VASCO Certifications. With these certifications you will become accredited as a VASCO Certified Engineer and recognized in the market as a security expert.

As a VASCO Certified Engineer, you will be able to access the VASCO SEAL Community, where you will find short and effective training modules on security related topics, such as “The need for Strong Authentication”, “eBanking Fraud – Security trends”, “Effective Man-In-The-Middle attacks”, etc.

To perform your online certification, please access VASCO SEAL via

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