VASCO Reports Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2016

Mobile Banking Apps Offer Great Opportunity & Serious Risk. We Secure Them.

By 2019, nearly 2 billion people will be using a mobile device for banking transactions. With hackers targeting mobile apps, particularly banking apps, developers need to harden their apps against cyber criminals. 

Our comprehensive software development kit (SDK) natively integrates application security, including Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), next gen biometric authentication and transaction signing into your mobile applications.

Read more about DIGIPASS for Apps.

Data Security for Every Organization

VASCO is a recognized leader in data security through two-factor authentication, electronic signature, mobile application security and risk management solutions to businesses and government agencies in over 100 countries worldwide.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Prove identities using two or more verification methods before users can be authenticated.

Mobile App Security

Secure vulnerable mobile apps that are used to transfer money, open accounts, and store data.

Risk Management

Proactively detect fraud activities using real-time risk analysis and user-behavior intelligence.

Document eSignatures

Secure data and ensure authenticity with our document eSignature solutions.

Solutions for All Industries

VASCO designs strong authentication solutions to fit a wide range of industries, IT infrastructures and business needs. We build competitive solutions that incorporate open protocols for ease of integration and low cost of ownership.

Financial Security Solutions

We secure more than 10,000 clients, 1,700 of which are international banking institutions. Financial service providers know that online and mobile access are key growth opportunities, but these opportunities have gone untapped due to security breach fears. With VASCO’s proven anti-hack solutions, we provide convenience to your clients and the competitive edge to you.

Security Solutions for Financial Institutions

Healthcare Security Solutions

VASCO is a global leader in protecting the world’s most sensitive information, and offers a suite of strong, scalable and easy-to-deploy solutions tailored to help healthcare organizations protect identities, safeguard patient records, and enable compliance with regulations. We secure remote-access to patient records and monitoring devices in addition to providing the two-factor authentication required for e-prescriptions.

Security Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Government Security Solutions

Governmental and public sector services can provide effective and efficient online services. To avoid identity theft or unauthorized access to confidential files, VASCO’s strong authentication solutions will replace insecure static passwords with highly secure one-time-passwords; facilitate transaction or document signing with identity-confirming electronic signatures; and encrypt data files for emails, disk and all other digital files.

Security Solutions for Government Entities

e-Gaming Security Solutions

The massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) industry has proven to be a popular new entertainment medium and has also become an attractive target for online fraudsters. VASCO’s two-factor authentication technology is a very simple and effective way of bridging the security gaps inherent with static passwords. With two-factor authentication, MMOG companies can regain gamers’ trust and reduce account turnover.

Security Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Payments & Retail Security Solutions

Online payments is a critical aspect for many industries ranging from banking to retail. VASCO’s strong authentication solutions will replace insecure static passwords with highly secure one-time-passwords; facilitate transaction or document signing with identity-confirming electronic signatures; and encrypt data files for emails, disk and all other digital files.

Security Solutions for Payments & Retail Industries

Our Products

Our patented trust-based security products meet your unique requirements through a rich set of customizable client, server, hardware, software and cloud-based options.

DIGIPASS Authenticators

Authenticators provide proof of identity through two-factor authentication and are a leading security solution worldwide.

Management Platforms

Server-side authentication and real-time fraud analysis software is an ultimate security solution.

Application Security Tools

With our API-based authentication platform, developers can secure virtually any existing application.


Document eSignatures

Reduce cost and accelerate time to market by adopting our eSignLive document-signing solution.

Corporate News

VASCO Reports Results for Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2016

February 14, 2017
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Our Security Leadership

VASCO has been chosen by over 10,000 leading organizations across Banking, Healthcare, Government, Gaming and Payments for our deep security expertise, comprehensive product suite, ability to satisfy strict compliance requirements and solutions tailored to meet each customer's unique needs

Industry Expertise

For over 20 years we've been leveraging our award-winning security solutions to help B2B, B2E and B2C organizations balance online and mobile security with a frictionless user experience.

Scalable Security

Whether it's secure remote access for 1k enterprise employees or a scalable healthcare solution for 10k users to secure EHR/e-Prescription systems, we can deliver what you need when you need it.

Proven Compliance

The constant evolution of regulations make compliance a challenge. Our extensive industry expertise and certified products ensure rapid alignment with the strictest regulations.

Customized Solutions

VASCO has developed a single integrated security platform that supports a flexible set of authentication, electronic signature, risk management and mobile application security options.

How secure is your online business?

You have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right solution to secure your business. 

Our experts will help you find the right path.


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