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KB_150185: How To Configure Microsoft AD Back-end authentication with SSL on IDENTIKEY Appliance.

How to

This article will explain in more detail the required steps to enable Microsoft AD (LDAP) back-end authentication using SSL on IDENTIKEY Appliance.

KB_150184: Challenge/Response SOAP Authentication with a challenge that is not generated by the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server.

How to

This KB explains how to make a Challenge Response (C/R) SOAP call working when the Challenge is not generated by the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS).

KB_150183: IDENTIKEY Authentication Server rejects the authentication with the message “RADIUS requests are disallowed in the policy protocol list, request will be rejected.”

How to

When trying a RADIUS Authentication, you get the following error in the trace file: “RADIUS requests are disallowed in the policy protocol list, request will be rejected” This document describes the reason for this error and how to solve it.

KB_140180: Error in XML conversion for DIGIPASS for Mobile 4.7.1.


When you try to convert a DIGIPASS for Mobile (DP4Mobile) configuration XML with the conversion tool from version 4.7.1 to version 4.10.1 till 4.13.1; you get the following error: an internal error has occurred while converting your XML file.

KB_140179: Error installing DIGIPASS Authentication for Microsoft ADFS on German OS. SERVICE account is DIENST

How to

When you are installing DIGIPASS Authentication for ADFS (DPAuth4ADFS) 3.6.6 on a German Windows server 2012R2 with Microsoft ADFS 3.0; you get the following error message:

KB_150181: Unable to logon to the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server webadmin due to an incorrect SSL certificate.

How to

When you try to logon to the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) webadmin, you get the message “Unable to logon”. In the IAS full trace, you get the message: Error -904 in function "SOAPCallTask::process (soap_ssl_accept)": Failed to initialise SOAP SSL connection. This article describes how to troubleshoot this error.

KB_160122: How verify the version of IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS)?

How to

This document explains how to determine the version IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS).

KB_160123: How to Test an OTP in IDENTIKEY Authentication Server without an Authentication Client.

How to

When you are troubleshooting an authentication in IAS it is nice to be able to remove a few variables such as firewall and network issues. IAS has a Test OTP feature that allows you to verify the OTP (One Time Password) directly.

KB_160125: IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) 3.12 Introduces Maker/Checker Authorization. This article describes how it works, how to configure it and how to test it.

How to

If maker–checker authorization is enabled, certain operations initiated by one administrator (maker) can only be executed after approval and authorization by another administrator (checker).

KB_160124: How do I disable the DIGIPASS Server-Side PIN in IDENTIKEY Authentication Server?

How to

If you have imported a dpx file that enables DIGIPASS PIN support but you no longer wish to use PIN because you are leveraging a back-end password in place of the PIN you can disable the DIGIPASS PIN with the following instructions.