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KB_150055: DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon (DAWL) and Terminal Server RDP connection considerations.


When you set up an RDP session to a Windows 2003 Server from a server/workstation that uses DAWL, this is working as expected. But when you make an RDP connection to Windows 2008 servers, the DAWL login screen pops up.

KB_150164: How to verify if IDENTIKEY Authentication Server with Active Directory Data Store is using Legacy encryption or not.

How to

The encryption settings of the data stored in the database have changed since IAS3.3. If you have an AD integrated installation that has been upgraded from a pre-IAS3.3 installation, the old encryption (Legacy) settings are still used. When you are using Legacy encryption, and you want to add a new IAS server to AD, you need to import the Legacy key during installation...

KB_180038: PROVISIONCMD_DSAPPREGISTER fails with rc=-1, trace file contains error -5811


When performing SOAP Provisioning using the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server SDK, you may find that the call PROVISIONCMD_DSAPPREGISTER fails with returnCode -1, while the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server trace file indicates error -5811. Keywords: SOAP SDK, DSAPP, online activation, SRP, Secure Remote Password, SRP_PASSWORD_INCORRECT_LENGTH.

KB_180039: DeviceFingerprint changes every time it is generated (iOS)


On iOS devices, every time when calling getDeviceFingerPrintWithSalt / getDeviceFingerPrintWithDynamicSalt, a different DeviceFingerprint is returned, even when using the same salt as input. Keywords: iOS, Device Binding SDK, Secure Storage SDK, -4305, UNREADABLE_STORAGE.

KB_150113: How To install a commercial SOAP certificate on IDENTIKEY Authentication Server.

How to

This is a step by step example on how to install a commercial (Go Daddy) SOAP certificate on the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server.

KB_140173: How to do a manual LDAP synchronization on IDENTIKEY Appliance

How to

In the current version of IDENTIKEY Appliance (3.11.12) there is no option to perform an immediate LDAP synchronization. In this KB article we describe how a “sync now” can be executed on command. A RFE has been filed to create this option in a future version of IDENTIKEY Appliance.

KB_160121: What to do when your IDENTIKEY (Virtual) Appliance cannot contact the VASCO Service Center

How to

When attempting to upgrade the IDENTIKEY (Virtual) Appliance via the online update wizard, found in the Appliance Configuration Tool, the wizard needs to contact the VASCO Service Center ( This article describes how to troubleshoot this.

KB_160120: Setting up a separate/external ODBC Audit Database for use with IDENTIKEY Authentication Server 3.10 or above

How to

To improve overall server performance in large environments, it is advised to create a separate ODBC database to be used for auditing purposes. To manually set up an ODBC Audit Message Database, you must first set up an ODBC database. As of IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) 3.10, the supported databases are PostgreSQL 9.2.7, Oracle 12c, and Microsoft SQL...

KB_160119: Failed to add Active Directory Schema during IDENTIKEY Authentication Server Upgrade

How to

During an in-place upgrade, you see the following error message during the last step of the Configuration Wizard: “Failed to add Active Directory Schema.”

KB_160118: How to configure the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server Message Delivery Component to work with Virtual DIGIPASS.

How to

The Message Delivery Component (MDC) needs to be configured before Virtual DIGIPASS can be sent or received by the end users. This KB article explains how to set up the Email Delivery method. However, Virtual DIGIPASS can also be delivered via SMS (no longer secure) and voice.