IDENTIKEY Applianceは、社内ネットワークおよびウェブベースアプリケーションへのリモートアクセスのセキュリティを確保するためのスタンドアロン型認証アプライアンスです。IDENTIKEY Applianceは、認証ニーズに合わせた専用アプライアンスの導入を検討している全ての企業に最適です。ソフトウェアベースのソリューションのインストールやメンテナンスは必要ありません。

IDENTIKEY Appliance offers strong user authentication for local and remote access to the corporate network or to web-based business applications. The solution is highly-suited for enterprises that want to avoid sharing server resources for too many business critical applications and to manage authentication requests without impacting the existing IT infrastructure.

Plug-and-play solution

IDENTIKEY Appliance is a plug-and-play appliance preloaded with all necessary software features. This plug-and-play functionality simplifies the deployment of Two-factor authentication across an entire company, which is essential when IT resources are expended.

Scalable, easy to deploy solution

IDENTIKEY Appliance can be deployed in less than 30 minutes, making two-factor authentication rollout quick and easy—even in smaller offices with limited IT resources. A flexible licensing system allows for easy expansion of users and DIGIPASS, making IDENTIKEY Appliance the preferred choice for growing organizations.

Simple web-based user interface

All administration functions are conveniently accessible through a web-based user interface, making remote or outsourced administration possible and presenting new opportunities for managed services providers. Initial installation requires a simple connection to the IDENTIKEY Appliance appliance through a web browser interface.

Detailed reporting and auditing

The audit console monitors and records all incoming and outgoing RADIUS and web authentication requests on the IDENTIKEY Appliance. Statistics collected and reported by the audit console give administrators the information necessary to manage their remote access environment. Standard or customized reports can be generated in XML format.

Available hardware versions:

  • AG3000 Series is suited for smaller businesses or small remote sites.
    It is a silent, low-power consuming 1U 19” rack server, that has all the features and functionalities of IDENTIKEY Authentication Server. 
  • AG5000 Series is a standard 1U 19” rack server, suited as main appliance for all business environments.
    It can authenticate up to 10,000 users. It is the ideal appliance to secure VPN, web and Windows logon in large enterprises. 
  • AG7000 Series is a complete redundant 2U, 19” rack server.
    With its dual core processor, 12 GB of RAM and 1TB hard disks in RAID 1, it is the ideal server for business-critical applications or it can function as the reporting and failover system for medium to large enterprises.



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