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Behavioral Biometrics

Continuous, transparent authentication to drive down fraud and increase customer loyalty

The greatest challenge for businesses today is reducing fraud while creating a truly frictionless experience for end users. Behavioral biometrics is playing an increasingly important role in meeting this challenge across different channels and devices. DIGIPASS® for Apps Behavioral Authentication provides an invisible layer of security that continuously authenticates end users by the unique ways they interact with their computer or mobile device via keystroke, swipe pattern, mouse movement and more. With DIGIPASS for Apps Behavioral Authentication, VASCO expands on a rich portfolio of strong, proven and frictionless authentication solutions.

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Passive, “always on” authentication

Behavioral Authentication analyzes end user activity from login to logout, consistently looking at unique behaviors that allow verified end users access through their natural behavior, so the experience is seamless and unencumbered. 

This constant authentication provides businesses a valuable layered security capability allowing trusted users instant access and completion of transactions while presenting higher risk users with additional or “stepped up” authentication measures, such as a fingerprint scan or face recognition.

How it works

Behavioral Authentication focuses on the “How” a user types and interacts with their device as opposed to the “What” they type. It does this by constantly monitoring and analyzing keystrokes, mouse movements, finger pressure, swipe patterns and more, comparing this activity with a unique user model to score a match. A low score, reflecting significant changes in the user behavior, serves as a red flag that some security policy action may be required. Strong security in three simple steps: 

1) Input Data: The behavioral Authentication solution is fed a constant stream of all common user behavior data including - mouse movements, key strokes, swipe patterns and more. 

2) Analyze Data: In a short time, the platform is able to create an accurate behavioral model of each unique user. 

3) Score Data: On a continuous basis, DIGIPASS for Apps Behavioral Authentication compares the current behavior with the known user model to determine a “trust score.” This score is used to flag potential fraud and drive some security policy action. It can also be consumed within a Risk Management platform to improve the accuracy for fraud detection.

Intelligent, accurate and adaptive

DIGIPASS for Apps Behavioral Authentication stays up to date with user behaviors through continuous machine learning and session-based intelligence. The Behavioral Authentication algorithm is continually refreshed to ensure the absolute fewest false positives and it gets smarter over time, constructing the most accurate picture of each user’s behavior with each new data point collected. 

DIGIPASS for Apps Behavioral authentication also helps distinguish human from non-human behavior. For example, bots have very predictable and unique patterns when it comes to key flight and keypress enabling quick detection of these non-human interactions.


DIGIPASS for Apps Behavioral Authentication is available as an optional feature in DIGIPASS for Apps. DIGIPASS for Apps provides a comprehensive feature set that natively integrates application security, multi-factor authentication, multi-modal biometrics and electronic signing into your mobile applications. DIGIPASS for Apps elevates trust across secured ecosystems, so you can securely deliver higher value mobile services, improve mobile user experience, and extend consistency for security and the user across multiple channels.


White Paper

Behavioral Biometrics: Improve Security and the Customer Experience

By downloading this white paper, you’ll discover the challenges of authenticating a mobile customer, how behavioral biometrics, aka behaviometrics, work, how to establish a risk-based approach to online security and how behavioral biometrics helps financial institutions manage fraud risk, improve the user experience, increase customer loyalty, satisfy regulatory requirements, and deliver a frictionless, cross-channel user experience.

Industry Briefing

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Product Brief


An all-in-one developer’s toolkit designed to improve security and user convenience across your mobile application ecosystem.

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Invisible Mobile Banking Channel Security

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Product Brief

Behavioral Authentication

Behavioral biometrics is playing an increasingly important role in meeting this challenge across different channels and devices to drive down fraud and increase customer loyalty.

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