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Mobile applications are changing the way business is done, offering instant access to services for your users. Unfortunately, attackers are taking advantage of the many complexities created by the mobile ecosystem to exploit vulnerabilities, resulting in sophisticated fraud schemes and theft of sensitive data.

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An all-in-one developer's toolkit for mobile

  • Runtime Application Self-Protection
    Natively integrated application security technology that dynamically monitors application execution to detect and prevent attacks on mobile applications
  • Jailbreak and Root Detection
    Key application security elements used to determine if a mobile device has been compromised by removing important application download restrictions
  • Device Identification
    Leverages unique attributes of the mobile device to provide a persistent identification, unaffected by mobile OS updates. Defeating hacker attempts to spoof the mobile device
  • Geolocation
    Utilizes the location of a mobile device, as a key risk analysis element, to determine the level of device trust
  • Device Binding
    Securely links an authorized user to their authorized device(s), which can prevent cloning or repurposing of cryptographic keys
  • Secure Storage
    Strong encryption for all application data stored on a mobile device, independent of any operating system or device
  • Secure Channel
    End-to-end encryption supporting the highest level security between server and mobile device exchanges including text, photos, QR codes and authentication data
  • E-Signatures
    A seamless and fully compliant solution enabling users to e-sign documents anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Behavioral Authentication
    A frictionless biometric option that continuously operates in the background, invisible to end users, that scores behaviors like keystroke, touch and mouse motion for accurate authentication
  • Face Authentication
    A frictionless biometric option that utilizes facial data points and next generation liveness detection to quickly and accurately authenticate users (supports Apple Face ID)
  • Fingerprint Authentication
    A simple and proven biometric authentication option that utilizes a fingerprint scan to quickly and accurately authenticate users
  • Risk Based Authentication
    Real-time analysis that scores the risk profile of a transaction based on all of the available data points and can dynamically step up security when necessary
  • CRONTO ® Authentication
    Patented color QR code scan provides a highly secure and user-friendly authentication and transaction signing experience
  • QR Code Support
    A flexible image scanning feature that reads standard QR Codes to secure communications
  • Transaction Signing
    Fully integrated transaction signing balances user convenience and strong security for even the most sensitive mobile transactions
  • Push Notification
    Device independent push notification that securely sends any message/content between server and mobile device including alerts, transactions, and authentication data

DIGIPASS for Apps is a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that natively integrates application security, two-factor authentication and electronic signing into your mobile applications. Through a complete library of APIs, you can extend and strengthen application security, deliver unprecedented convenience to your users, and streamline application deployment and life cycle management processes.

Balancing application security with user convenience

  • Fraud Prevention: A unified framework that enhances security across all core components of your application - communication, data storage, native OS API and the user's interface; Ultimately preventing attacks that lead to fraud.

  • User and Transaction Protection: Broad, flexible, and fully integrated Two-factor authentication and electronic signing supports the demand for user convenience for even the most sensitive mobile transactions.

  • Fraud Detection: Risk scoring driven by user, platform and context elements is fully integrated in the authentication process, meeting requirements for enhanced server-side analytics and streamlined compliance management.

Boost productivity and accelerate time to market

The DIGIPASS for Apps Orchestration SDK makes it easy for developers to add authentication and security features into new mobile app projects. Paired with IDENTIKEY Risk Manager, it also allows for more flexible authentication processes (e.g., PIN to fingerprint to face) with minimal development effort. Additionally, the Orchestration SDK builds-in plug-and-play support for new biometric options as soon as they become available without having to recode the app, resubmit it to app stores or persuade users to update – effectively future-proofing the app.

Complete Mobile Application Security


DIGIPASS for Apps offers extensive authentication options including truly frictionless behavioral biometrics that leverage keystroke dynamics, swiping patterns and more, user-friendly fingerprint and facial biometrics (including support for Apple Face ID) and other proven multi-factor solutions as well as a suite of innovative e-signature products - like CRONTO® graphical cryptograms.


DIGIPASS for Apps offers end-to-end encryption that introduces a new level of service between server and client applications, providing an encrypted secure channel for almost anything, including text, photos, and QR codes. 


DIGIPASS for Apps delivers secure storage functionality through encryption for all application data, independent of any operating system or device. In addition, multi-device management allows users to utilize all devices through a single license. 

For Android operating systems, VASCO supports secure storage protection through the Secure element feature of the device. Securing data on enabled Android phones is achieved via a second layer of encryption, providing an excellent defense against application cloning attacks as the encryption key stored in the Secure element cannot be extracted.


DIGIPASS for Apps offers features such as geo-location, device binding, jailbreak and root detection to help you protect against platform vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of your mobile application. 


DIGIPASS for Apps provides a full range of features for deployment, provisioning and activation offering manual, online, and QR code-based processes, as well as protocol independent features that, by leveraging the new Orchestration SDK, streamline provisioning across multiple platforms.


DIGIPASS for Apps provides PIN Management to protect against brute force attacks and dictionary attacks, as well as integration with fingerprint biometric readers and facial recognition technology (including the Apple TrueDepth camera on iPhone X). It also supports additional application hardening techniques like zeroing memory. 


White Paper

Behavioral Biometrics: Improve Security and the Customer Experience

By downloading this white paper, you’ll discover the challenges of authenticating a mobile customer, how behavioral biometrics, aka behaviometrics, work, how to establish a risk-based approach to online security and how behavioral biometrics helps financial institutions manage fraud risk, improve the user experience, increase customer loyalty, satisfy regulatory requirements, and deliver a frictionless, cross-channel user experience.

Industry Briefing

Industry Survey: 2017 Faces of Fraud

Download the 2017 Faces of Fraud Survey, a 27-page report that documents how leaders in the banking and security industries are preparing for fraud. Learn about the top forms of fraud afflicting financial organizations in 2017, the biggest gaps in organizations' efforts to detect and prevent fraud, and what organizations are doing to counter the surge in mobile exploits.

White Paper

Runtime Application Self-Protection Is Critical for Mobile App Security

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) is a natively integrated application security technology that effectively reduces the potential risk from mobile-targeted malware by dynamically monitoring application execution. Integrated into DIGIPASS for Apps, RASP proactively detects and prevents attacks on mobile applications.

White Paper

Delivering Trust to the Digital World

Download this white paper to learn how continuous digital trust can be applied to different applications such as banking, payments, healthcare, finance, insurance and many others.
Product Brief


An all-in-one developer’s toolkit designed to improve security and user convenience across your mobile application ecosystem.

Solution Brief

PSD2 Compliance Webinar - Q&A

Q&A after the "Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) – How to prepare your business" webinar (March 2017).

Case Study

Investment Bank Switches from Hardware to Software Authentication

By integrating best-of-breed authentication directly into their mobile banking app and website, the bank has strengthened security, met new regulatory requirements, and cut costs related to issuing and supporting hardware authentication devices.

White Paper

Invisible Mobile Banking Channel Security

Download this white paper to learn how RASP and behavioral biometrics help you to make the best mobile app security decisions.

Meet the Mobile Menace

Top security threats and what you can do to prevent them.

Make It Mobile

How to successfully implement a secure mobile strategy. Mobile applications are changing the way business is done, offering instant access to services for your users. And the conveniences of mobile applications can yield many benefits: mobile apps can save time, reduce cost, and accelerate business, boosting everything from workforce productivity to customer loyalty.
Product Brief

DIGIPASS for Apps Facial Recognition

Frictionless authentication, optimal user experience and quick deployment with face recognition technology

Case Study


All round security for Odeabank’s application thanks to VASCO’s DIGIPASS for Apps.
Case Study

Jibun Bank

Jibun Bank, a Japanese Mobile-Oriented internet bank, secures online and mobile banking with VASCO’s transaction signing solution.

Product Brief

Behavioral Authentication

Behavioral biometrics is playing an increasingly important role in meeting this challenge across different channels and devices to drive down fraud and increase customer loyalty.

Face ID Authentication with DIGIPASS for Apps

See how DIGIPASS for Apps can help you easily embrace the latest Apple Face ID technology and satisfy tech-savvy customers.

Face Recognition Using DIGIPASS for Apps

Your end users can experience truly frictionless and secure authentication using the latest Face Recognition technology.

DIGIPASS for Apps Fingerprint Authentication

Find out how your users can securely log in into your apps with “DIGIPASS for Mobile” using convenient technologies such as QR code scanning and Touch ID.

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