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IDENTIKEY Risk Manager

IDENTIKEY® Risk Manager is a comprehensive fraud solution designed to help you improve the manner and speed at which your organization detects fraud across multiple channels. This enables a more proactive approach to fraud prevention, while at the same time making the experience as painless as possible for users. 

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager works silently in the background to collect and score activities and operations based on sophisticated analysis of behavioral, contextual and other significant data elements. Based on this intelligence, it can then challenge unusual patterns and step up security where required, creating a barrier that cyber criminals cannot easily circumvent, all while maintaining a very positive user experience.

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IRM for mBanking & eBanking

Through sophisticated, real-time risk analysis, IDENTIKEY Risk Manager delivers strong and dynamic protection against fraudulent activities across multiple channels - identifying risk at critical steps, predicting risk levels, and taking quick action when fraud patterns are identified.

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager works silently in the background to collect and score activities and operations based on intelligent analysis of behavioral, contextual, qualitative and quantitative data, and by challenging unusual patterns and stepping up security where required, IDENTIKEY Risk Manager creates a barrier that a hacker or fraudster cannot easily circumvent, and in a way that doesn’t impact the user experience.

A sophisticated tool for a sophisticated problem

A simple authentication server, basic data mining, and back office decision analysis are no longer proactive or sufficient enough to manage the many complexities or the level of sophistication of fraud. VASCO IRM delivers a comprehensive, centralized level of service, and the sophisticated techniques required to elevate your approach to fraud prevention.

Decision analytics

Sophisticated data mining, scorecards, Bayesian and Neural networks improve intelligence and provide greater insight into decision performance, while giving engineers the guidance they need to enhance analytical models and improve data mining/KDE processes.

Decision processing

A potentially suspicious transaction may require further authentication or investigation rather than blocking – a process that can run in batch, near time or real time.


  • Improve response to evolving fraud patterns 

  • Monitor, detect and block fraudulent transactions

  • Improve risk compliance strategies and fine-tune policies

  • Reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies 

  • Reduce friction for users 

  • Perfectly suited for online and mobile banking applications


  • ‘Step Up’ Authentication: IDENTIKEY Risk Manager provides broad and integrated authentication options that will “step up” to require additional user authentication as needed, based on activity score and level of risk. 

  • Configurable programming: A highly configurable XML, ISO8583 and Web listener allows for the rapid inclusion of real-time data, ensuring accelerated organizational response to new threats across all channels. 

  • Comprehensive reporting tools: Customizable reporting tools enable complete, self-service access to management information, reducing time and resource demands for internal IT staff. 

  • Comprehensive compliance controls: IDENTIKEY Risk Manager employs a security model that provides for granular control over all roles and rules, ensures the enforcement of strict separation of duties, and delivers comprehensive audit logs and a life-long audit trail on demand for all records. 

  • Multi-tenant architecture: IDENTIKEY Risk Manager is a genuine multi-tenant architecture with a proprietary labeling model that allows business units or clients to be isolated and partitioned. 

  • Flexible deployment: IDENTIKEY Risk Manager can be deployed on premises, or as a cloud-based service.


White Paper

Behavioral Biometrics: Improve Security and the Customer Experience

By downloading this white paper, you’ll discover the challenges of authenticating a mobile customer, how behavioral biometrics, aka behaviometrics, work, how to establish a risk-based approach to online security and how behavioral biometrics helps financial institutions manage fraud risk, improve the user experience, increase customer loyalty, satisfy regulatory requirements, and deliver a frictionless, cross-channel user experience.

Solution Brief

PSD2 Compliance Webinar - Q&A

Q&A after the "Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) – How to prepare your business" webinar (March 2017).

Solution Brief

Risk Based Authentication

Risk-based authentication powered by real-time behavior analysis improves fraud detection and enhances ease of use.

Product Brief

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager is a comprehensive fraud solution designed to help you improve the manner and speed at which your organization detects fraud across multiple channels, enabling you to take a proactive approach to fraud prevention, while at the same time making the experience as painless as possible for your users.

Industry Briefing

Forrester: The IAM Market Will Surpass $13 Billion By 2021

According to this July 2017 market research report from Forrester Research, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market has been growing rapidly and will reach $13.3 billion by 2021. This growth is largely being driven by customer-centric digital transformation projects.

Industry Briefing

Industry Survey: 2017 Faces of Fraud

Download the 2017 Faces of Fraud Survey, a 27-page report that documents how leaders in the banking and security industries are preparing for fraud. Learn about the top forms of fraud afflicting financial organizations in 2017, the biggest gaps in organizations' efforts to detect and prevent fraud, and what organizations are doing to counter the surge in mobile exploits.

Case Study

Bank Deploys IDENTIKEY Risk Manager to Drive Down Fraud

The ability to detect and prevent fraud is essential for financial institutions to achieve compliance, drive down exposure, and maintain brand integrity by protecting customer data while also creating a frictionless user experience.

Product Brief

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager for m-Banking

The VASCO IDENTIKEY Risk Manager mBanking solution, provides an efficient anti-fraud system to your existing mobile banking offering that can be achieved with minimal integration cost and time.

Product Brief

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager for e-Banking

The VASCO IDENTIKEY Risk Manager for e-Banking solution, provides customers with a real-time, turn-key fraud management capability that enhances existing online banking activities.

Improve the Customer Experience or Defeat Sophisticated Fraud?
You Can Do Both!

Banks, and other businesses, need to accelerate digital channel growth while improving both user experience and security. In the past businesses had to focus on one or the other. Not anymore.

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager achieves the twin goal of strong security and optimal user experience. It analyzes vast mobile, application and transaction data, in real-time, to effectively detect fraud and dynamically step up security to stop fraudulent transactions, improving the customer experience and defeating sophisticated fraud.

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