Multifactor authentication has been proven to provide exceptionally high levels of security to protect against hacking attacks. Two-factor authentication, a type of multifactor authentication, with DIGIPASS authenticators is utilized every day by millions of users to secure network access, protect financial accounts, digitally sign transactions, and keep criminals from causing losses.

User name and password for security is a decades old method and is an open invitation for disaster. Industry research demonstrates that two-thirds of successful breaches involved a hacker using compromised login credentials, meaning a stolen user name and password. Once a hacker gains access to a network or financial account with a stolen user name and password, they are free to inflict damage. DIGIPASS hardware authenticators are the most effective first-line-of-defense and have a proven record of stopping hacking attacks.

DIGIPASS hardware authenticators are easy to implement and even easier to use. They are supported by VASCO’s VACMAN Controller and IDENTIKEY Server solutions. Integration and implementation is a fast and simple process.

Product Comparison Guide
One-button authenticators compilation - 585x375

One-button authenticators

Small, easy-to-use, single-button DIGIPASS devices support strong authentication with one-time passwords (OTPs). VASCO's DIGIPASS GO product line features multi OTP support that offer enhanced security for banks and application providers who need to secure multiple applications with a single DIGIPASS.

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E-signature compilation

Transaction data signing authenticators

A transaction data signature is a short piece of information used to authenticate a message. VASCO’s transaction signing solution works by creating an transaction data signature unique to each particular transaction using such data as account numbers, transaction amounts and a time stamp. This solution preserves data integrity and ensures authenticity, rendering any changes made to a transaction after it has been electronically signed, invalid.

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DIGIPASS 875 - 580 x 375

Card readers

DIGIPASS card readers support account and transaction security for electronic and mobile banking. Available in either connected or unconnected models, DIGIPASS card readers, optimize an organization’s investment in smart card technology by extending their use to include one-time passwords and transaction data signatures.

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PKI solutions

PKI DIGIPASS is the ideal solution for strong authentication and transaction signatures when using PKI certificates and keys. VASCO's PKI solutions provide non-repudiation of transactions. As a result the integrity and origin of the data are proven and the transaction partner is authenticated.

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